Battlefield Earth screenwriter, J.D. Shapiro apologizes for John Travolta’s mess

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Let me start by apologizing to anyone who went to see Battlefield Earth. The only time I saw the movie was at the premiere, which was one too many times.

Battlefield Earth, the 2000 big budget flop based on Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s novel, won the Razzie for “Worst Movie of the Decade”. J.D. Shapiro, the film’s original screenwriter, accepted the award in person. By J.D. SHAPIRO

jtdeaths3It wasn’t as I intended — promise. No one sets out to make a train wreck. Actually, comparing it to a train wreck isn’t really fair to train wrecks, because people actually want to watch those.

It was 1994, and I had read an article in Premiere magazine saying that the Celebrity Center, the Scientology epicenter in Los Angeles, was a great place to meet women.

I didn’t find any eligible women at first, but I did meet Karen Hollander, president of the center, who said she was a fan of Robin Hood: Men in Tights. We ended up talking for over two hours. Karen called me a few days later asking if I’d be interested in turning any of L. Ron Hubbard’s books into movies. Eventually, I had dinner with John Travolta, his wife Kelly Preston, Karen — about 10 Scientologists in all.

I researched Scientology before signing on to the movie, to make sure I wasn’t making anything that would indoctrinate people. I took a few courses, including the Purification Rundown, or Purif. You go to CC every day, take vitamins and go in and out of a sauna so toxins are released from your body.

You’re supposed to reach an “End Point.” I never did, but I was bored so I told them I had a vision of L. Ron. They said, “What did he say?” “Pull my finger,” was my response.jtdeaths7 They said I was done.

During my Scientology research, I met an employee who I instantly had a crush on. She was kind of a priestess, and had dedicated her life to working for the church by becoming a Sea Org member. She said that she signed a billion-year contract. I said, “What! Really?” She said she got paid a small stipend of $50 a week, to which I said, “Can you get an advance on the billion years, like say, a mere $500,000?”

And then she said as a Sea Org member, you can’t have sex unless you’re married. I asked her if she was married. She said yes. So I said, “Great! That means we can have sex!”

jtdeaths5As far as I know, I am the only non-Scientologist to ever be on their cruise ship, the Freewinds. I was a bit of an oddity, walking around in a robe, sandals, smoking Cuban cigars and drinking fine scotch (Scientologists are not allowed to drink while taking courses).

I also got one of the best massages ever. My friends asked if I got a “happy ending.” I said, “Yes, I got off the ship.”

Even after all the “trouble” I’d gotten into, people at the church liked me, so I read Battlefield Earth and agreed to come up with a pitch to take to studios.

I met with Mike Marcus, the president of MGM, and pitched him my take. He loved it, and the next day negotiations went under way. A few days after I finished the script, a very excited Travolta called, told me he “loved it,” and wanted to have dinner. At dinner, John said again how much he loved the script and called it “The Schindler’s List of sci-fi.”

My script was very, VERY different than what ended up on the screen. My screenplay was darker, grittier and had a very compelling story with rich characters.

Shortly after that, John officially attached himself to the project. Then several A-list directors expressed interest in making the movie, MGM had a budget of $100 million, and life was grrrrreat! I got studio notes that were typical studio notes. Nothing too crazy. I incorporated the notes I felt worked, blew off the bad ones and did a polish. I sent it to the studio, thinking the next I’d hear is what director is attached.

Then I got another batch of notes. I thought it was a joke. They changed the entire tone. I knew these notes would kill the movie. The notes wanted me to lose key scenes, add ridiculous scenes – take out some of the key characters. I asked Mike where they came from. He said, “From us.” But when I pressed him, he said, “From John’s camp, but we agree with them.”

I refused to incorporate the notes into the script and was fired.

I have no idea why they wanted to go in this new direction, but here’s what I heard from someone in John’s camp: Out of all the books L. Ron wrote, this was the one the church founder wanted most to become a movie. He wrote extensive notes on how the movie should be made.

Once it was decided that I would share a writing credit, I wanted to use my pseudonym, Sir Nick Knack. I was told I couldn’t do that, because if a writer gets paid over a certain amount of money, they can’t. I could have taken my name completely off the movie, but my agent and attorney talked me out of it. There was a lot of money at stake.

Now, looking back at the movie with fresh eyes, I can’t help but be strangely proud of it. Because out of all the sucky movies, mine is the suckiest.

In the end, did Scientology get me laid? What do you think? No way do you get any action by boldly going up to a woman and proclaiming, “I wrote Battlefield Earth!” If anything, I’m trying to figure out a way to bottle it and use it as birth control. I’ll make a mint!

UPDATE: J.D. Shapiro just sent me his Razzie acceptance speech:

I want to thank the studio for sticking to their convictions– and firing me for sticking to mine.

I want to thank Corey Mandel for rewriting my script in a way I never, ever, EVER — could have imagined or conceived of myself.

I’d like to end with three quotes about Battlefield Earth that touched me very deeply:

The critic for The New York Times said, “Battlefield Earth is about the extinction of the human race.  And after seeing this movie– I’m all for it!”

The Banana Daily wrote; “I’d like to call the movie a train wreck, but that’s not really fair to a train wrecks, because people actually want to watch a train wreck.”

And my favorite quotes of all: “This is worst fucking piece of shit movie I’ve ever seen in my entire fucking life.”  That quote was from my mother.

I’m going to keep this in my belly button.  Thank you!



When Business Insider talked to Gibney last week at HBO’s New York offices, the director said he felt it was the duty of Cruise and Travolta to speak out, and he hoped the attention of “Going Clear” would make it easier for them to do so.

Travolta has blood on his hands and touted the value of Narconon, a drug rehabilitation program based on the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. John Travolta hosted a fundraiser for Narconon’s Hawaii location in 2007.

jtdeaths2The star supports the Scientology-backed Narconon Arrowhead rehab, describing it as “the best.”

The families of the deceased are unconvinced: “If I could talk directly to John Travolta, I would tell him the program he is supporting is responsible for killing my daughter,” says Connie Werninck, whose daughter Kaysie died at Narconon Arrowhead in 2009.

John Travolta Now Facing the HBO ‘Going Clear’ Expose


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Office of Special Affairs stormtrooper, Zabrina Collins, duty to break up familes

dublin court2

“If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace.”
– L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 15 August 1960, Dept. of Govt. Affairs

“The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly.”

“When we need somebody haunted we investigate…When we investigate we do so noisily always.”
– L. Ron Hubbard, MANUAL OF JUSTICE, 1959


“Now, get this as a technical fact, not a hopeful idea. Every time we have investigated the background of a critic of Scientology, we have found crimes for which that person or group could be imprisoned under existing law. We do not find critics of Scientology who do not have criminal pasts.”
– L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin, 5 November 1967, “Critics of Scientology”


Ron Jr. says that he remembers much of his childhood.  He claims to recall, at six years, a vivid scene of his father performing an abortion ritual on his mother with a coat hanger.

Ron Hubbard Jr. remembers that when he was  ten years old, his  father, in an attempt to get his son in tune with his black magic worship, laced the young Hubbard’s bubble gum with Phenobarbital. According to Ron Jr. drugs were an important part of Ron Jr.’s growing up, as his father believed that they were the best way to get closer to Satan–the Antichrist of black magic.

“In my father’s private circle,” Ron Jr. explains, “there were lots of mistresses. When I was younger, I participated in private orgies with him and three or four other women.  His theory was that one has to open or crack a woman’s soul in order for the satanic power to pour through it and into him. It got kind of far out, culminating in a variety of sex acts.  Dad also had an incredibly violent temper.  He was into S & M and would beat his mistresses and shoot them full of drugs.”

When asked by a interviewer how this “soul-cracking” worked, L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. said, “The explanation is sort of long and complicated. The basic rationale is that there are some powers in this universe that are pretty strong.

“As an example, Hitler was involved in the same black magic and the same occult practices that my father was.  The identical ones. Which, as I have said, stem clear back to before Egyptian times. It’s a very secret thing. Very powerful and very workable and very dangerous.

Brainwashing is nothing compared to it. The proper term would be “soul cracking.”

“It’s like cracking open the soul, which then opens various doors to the power that exists, the satanic and demonic powers.  Simply put, it’s like a tunnel or an avenue or a doorway.  Pulling that power into yourself through another person—and using women, especially is incredibly insidious.

“It makes Dr. Fu Manchu look like a kindergarten student.  It is the ultimate vampirism, the ultimate mind fuck.  Instead of going for blood, you’re going for their soul.  And you take drugs in order to reach that state where you can, quite literally, like a psychic hammer, break their soul, and pull the power through.”

“He designed his Scientology Operating Thetan techniques (Scientology’s secret initiations) to do the same thing.  But, of course, it takes a couple of hundred hours of auditing and mega thousands of dollars for the privilege of having your head turned into a glass Humpty Dumpty— shattered into a million pieces.  It may sound like incredible gibberish, but it made my father a fortune.”

(The materials of the Operating Thetan techniques [the Fishman documents] are the reason for the raids mentioned earlier.)

“… Also I’ve got to complete this by saying that he thought of himself as the Beast 666 Incarnate.” Interviewer: “The devil?” Ron Jr.: “Yes. Aleister Crowley thought of himself as such.  And when Crowley died in 1947 my father then decided that he should wear the cloak of the beast; and become the most powerful being in the universe.

“Scientology is black magic that is spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours or at most; a few weeks. But in Scientology it is stretched out over a lifetime and so you don’t see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology – and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works.

“Also you’ve got to realize that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan.  He had a direct pipeline of communication and power with him. My father wouldn’t have worshipped anything, I mean. When you think you’re the most powerful being in the universe, you have no respect for anything let alone worship.

“… The one  super-secret sentence that Scientology is built on is: ‘Do as thou wilt. That is the whole of the law.’ It also comes from the black magic, from Aleister Crowley. It means that you are a law unto yourself, that you are  above the law, that you create your own law.  You are above any other human considerations.”

The following is from a piece, written by L. Ron Hubbard, Jr.  about his father in 1985 entitled “Philadelphia.”

“We were in Philadelphia. It was November 1952. Dianetics was all but forgotten; Scientology, a  new science,’ had become the focus of attention. Every night, in the hotel, in preparation for the next day’s lecture, he’d pace the floor, exhilarated by this or that passage from Aleister Crowley’s writings. Just a month before, he had been in London, where he had finally been able to quench his thirst; to fill his cup with the true, raw, naked power of magic. The lust of centuries at his very fingertips.

“To stroke and taste the environs of the Great Beast, to fondle Crowley’s books, papers, and memorabilia had filled him with pure ecstasy!  In London he had acquired, at last, the final keys; enabling him to take his place upon the  Throne of the Beast,’ to which he firmly believed himself to be the rightful heir.  The tech gushed forth and resulted in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures.”

It is perhaps coincidental that Hubbard, in the late fifties, set up his headquarters at Saint Hill Manor in England, less than half an hour’s drive from what had been Aleister Crowley’s former house in Tunbridge Wells.
























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Something for Cult Leader David Miscavige to Think About


Like many cult and other brutal dictators around the globe who ruled over the masses with billions in hidden, offshore coffers, David Miscavige was an uneducated young man, leaving school on his sixteenth birthday. He rose to power after the death of his Master, L. Ron Hubbard, and some say Miscavige may meet his  own demise from a coup d’état, murdered rather than dying of natural causes. May all who change their will, not die the day after.

And from what we’ve seen over the past few years, especially recently, David Miscavige should be concerned that his control over Scientology members is similar to the last few grains of sand in an hour-glass. With many claiming Miscavige to have a narcissistic, sociopath, personality disorder, and an ego the size of the Super Power Building, he may not see the trees for standing inside the forest of bad Karma that he himself pulled in.

Even though Scientology is well-known for their secret agents infiltrating countless entities, David Miscavige should consider that his empire could be infiltrated at this very moment. Perhaps Miscavige should pull himself out of present time and reflect back to when Constable Barbara Taylor of the Ontario Provincial Police infiltrated undercover, where she had gained a position in the Guardian’s Office of the Toronto church, including access to Scientology’s intelligence files.

It was a game of spy and counterspy, with the police investigating Scientology’s infiltrations by doing some infiltrating of their own. Just like Donnie Brasco, who was really an undercover FBI agent Joe Pistone who infiltrated the infamous Bonanno crime family for six years, so could Miscavige and his inner circle be infected with undercover government agents this very minute?


In Toronto, Canada, the undercover investigation was named, “Project 20” – to keep to a minimum, the number of persons in the know, and avoid exposure to possible Scientology counter-spy plants.

Scientology contended that there can be no investigation into the validity of religious beliefs, and further, “that a church, being a church, is not subject to criminal prosecution arising out of its principles or practices.”

 David Miscavige should read carefully, to what the Judge said. The court ruled that while the freedom of religious belief is absolute, the “freedom of religious practice or conduct is not absolute, and is subject to laws of general application established to protect public safety, order, health, morals, or the fundamental rights and freedoms of others.” And as Senator, Nicholas (Nick) Xenophon stated: “In Australia there are not limits on what you can believe but there are limits on how you can behave. It’s called the law, and no one is above it.”

Perhaps it’s time to lift the lid and flush down the toilette what L. Ron Hubbard insisted before Miscavige duped his way into power: “Somebody someday will say ‘this is illegal.’ By then be sure the orgs [Scientology organizations] say what is legal or not.”

Historian and moralist, known as Lord Acton, expressed this opinion in a letter to a Bishop: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

Of course, all of the aforesaid is just an opinion, and solely based on how fast one sees the crumbling, Armageddon event of eventual destruction that is surely upon, and has besieged David Miscavige into hiding. However, as the countless lawsuits overwhelm, and the media exposure tells the world of Scientology’s crimes, abuses, fraud, and exploitation, the secret veil that once covered Miscavige, could be the same piece of cloth that inmates use as a blanket to keep warm.

All the money in the world’s banks will not protect against something or someone evil in substance and nature. It’s called, Karma.

“Karma comes after everyone eventually. You can’t get away with screwing people over your whole life, I don’t care who you are. What goes around comes around. That’s how it works. Sooner or later the universe will serve you the revenge that you deserve.”  ― Jessica Brody

By David Love

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Proof Narconon is 100% Scientology doctrines and practices


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There is very strong evidence that Narconon is in fact inseparable from Scientology – equal in all aspects, administered and directed by Scientology. When one examines the facts in detail, it becomes apparent that the church of Scientology and Narconon itself is, in effect, virtually undiluted Scientology. The connections fall into three distinct categories.

Narconon ‘students’ are classed as ‘preclears’ – as defined in Scientology as someone who is receiving Scientology or Dianetics auditing and on their way to becoming Clear. All Narconon students have PC (preclear) folders examined by a ‘Case Supervisor’. Students are cult indoctrinated by Scientology Training Routines (TRs) and auditing sessions, including the infamous, ‘Objectives Sessions’ that applies standard technology of Dianetics and Scientology to preclears to help them locate areas of spiritual distress, find out things about themselves and improve their condition.

A Scientologist moves up The Bridge to Total Freedom, or simply “The Bridge”, to a state of Clear when they have freed themselves from their “reactive mind“. The Bridge is broken down into two parallel paths, Training and Processing. Processing addresses the Scientology devotee’s “case” or how they function in life as influenced by their “aberrations” – as in drug addiction.





nn sea org

mark pThe following leaked email EXCERPT clearly indicates the relationship between Scientology and Narconon. “Dear Sylvain,” (ED of Narconon) – “My recommendation to you – based on my 25-year experience in public affairs including holding the post of DSA in the province of Quebec for over 20 years – was that NN need to first and right away – asap – establish the extent and nature of the threat or risk so that you would know asap what Narconon is facing or dealing with, and thus be in a position to then correctly estimate the situation and the extent and nature of the handling needed to properly handle the situation!” Email from Jean Larivière, director of Public Affairs, Scientology.

Narconon Trois-Rivieres spokesman and Director of Legal Affairs, Andre Ahern, is quoted to CBC NEWS that, “He said he is a Scientologist and that Narconon uses the teachings of Scientology in its program. However, he said, that is simply because they are extremely effective.”

Narconon Trois-Rivieres Director says there is a Disconnection Policy

Marc Bernard, director of Narconon Trois-Rivieres on July 13, 2010, gave a newspaper interview to Le Nouvelliste in Trois-Rivieres. In this interview, Marc Bernard states that there is a “Disconnection Policy” at Narconon.

“We have a qualifications department that offers a self-correction system for our employees and it always aims to help a person improve. We all have moments of oppression in our life and we can be distracted by oppression. This is when negative things happen to us and this is why the method encourages “disconnection”. This is what is taught in the writings that we work with. But never did we prevent him from communicating outside, that’s ridiculous,” exclaims Marc Bernard, who has never hidden the fact that the writings of L. Ron Hubbard inspire the method used by Narconon but without in any way turning Narconon into a religious recruitment centre.”

As evidence documents prove, Narconon is nothing more than a recruitment center for the Church of Scientology, to expand its cult practices into the secular community using Scientology coercion and exploitation of vulnerable and very ill patients. Aftercare of patients is all but non-existent.

What these next quotations imply is that the Narconon program does NOT erase the harmful effects of drugs, nor does it free a patient from the compulsion or need to take drugs:

In Scientology’s own words about the “NED Drug Rundown” say: “On this rundown, the harmful effects of drugs are erased and a person is freed from the compulsion or need to take drugs. This service handles drugs and the real reason a person started taking them in the first place.”

“Addressing drugs with NED technology removes the barriers that prevent progress up THE BRIDGE levels. It is a vital step on your NED program.”

This following image shows a $20,000.00 donation to the Montreal Church of Scientology from Narconon Trois-Rivieres. And also, upon close examination, two Executives from Narconon Trois-Rivieres, BERNARD, MARC & PELAND, CAROLE (Married Couple), donated $5,500.00.

nn tr donations2

OSA – Sea Org CONTROL & COMMAND over Narconon

Executive Director, Marc Bernard, was removed by Aline Proulx, Executive of Narconon Canada, who was posted as the ESTO Officer by Narconon International and the Church of Scientology.


1. the purpose of Establishment Officers is to establish and maintain the establishment of the org and each division therein.

The term Esto is used for abbreviation. (HCO PL 7 Mar 72)

2. the Establishment Officer is the person who keeps it established and makes sure that it produces and that the programs come out straight and that those targets and quotas are met. (ESTO 10, 7203CO5 SO II)

3. an Esto is supposed to hat somebody and get him producing what he should be producing on that post. First there’s an instant hat and get him producing on the post. Then we mini hat him and get him producing on the post. Then we full hat him and get him producing on the post. (ESTO 10, 7203CO5 SO 11)

4. their duties consist of org boarding, training, hatting, apprenticing, pouring in personnel, lines, spaces and materiel and equipment of the Division -Bureau. (OODs 4 Mar 72)

5. this person operates in a division, not under its secretary but under a senior Establishment Officer. He performs the duties of the Departments of HCO for that division. In a small org it requires a trained Establishment Officer for Divisions 7, 1 and 2 and another for Divisions 3, 4, 5 and 6. In a larger org there is one in charge of all Establishment Officers and an Establishment Officer in each division. As the org grows, the larger divisions get Assistant Establishment Officers to the divisional one. They do not establish and run away. They establish and maintain the division staff, personnel hats, posts, lines, materiel and supplies. Their first job is to get staff working at their posts producing something and their next task is to drive dev-t out of existence in that org. (HCO PL 29 Feb 72, Correct Comm)

6. the first Establishment Officer Course was developed on Flag in October 1971. This was the Tech Establishment Officer Course (TEO). There are now Establishment Courses for each division of the org. An Establishment Officer is a specialist in the operation of a particular division, who also needs to be trained in the skills of establishing, which includes: getting production of valuable final products, recruiting staff , posting the org board of the division, getting personnel to study, hatting, training divisional staff , getting volume, quality and viability of production increased, establishing the lines of the division. (HCO PL 5 Feb 72 III)

7. one who establishes a division. Junior to the Establishment Officer I/C but in the division under its secretary, the Establishment Officer puts in the divisional personnel, lines, materiel and trains, hats and maintains and expands the established division to the benefit of the org and its staff. (LRH ED 168R INT)
8. now I’ve used Establishing and Establishment Officer interchangeably. It’s a descriptive term. The actual term is Establishment Officer. His duties are establishing. (ESTO 2, 7203COl SO 11)

9. a leading Establishment Officer’s Department is a Departmental Establishment Officer who has Section Estos under him due to the numerousness of the section. An Establishment Officer’s Section is an Establishment Officer of a section where there is a Departmental and Divisional Esto. (HCO PL 7 Mar 72)
10. an ESTO is a third dynamic auditor who deaberrates a group by cleanly organizing it so it can produce. (FSO 529) Abbr. Esto, ESTO.

(Definition of ORG used in the aforesaid: “Scientology Organization)”
(Each Scientology Church is called an “ORG”)

Each Scientology ORG has an ORG Board, which lists all the employee postings and command chain in each division. Narconon Trois-Rivieres had a huge ORG Board in the Staff Academy – – and smaller ORG Boards elsewhere.)


During the Narconon Program, a Scientologist obtained a video from the Montreal Church of Scientology that depicted Drug Companies as evil and promoted not taking prescribed drugs that help many cope and function in society. Scientology-Narconon are vehemently against and speak loudly to Narconon patients and society in general about “Say No To Drugs.” Many of the public believe this to mean illegal drugs, but in reality, they are teaching and promoting their own Scientology Religious Doctrines not to use mental health prescribed drugs. This is a known fact and I have documents to prove this.
This lengthy video was set up in the Narconon Trois-Rivieres dining room area on the approximate 52 inch Television for all to watch. This same Scientologist gave Scientology Dianetics books to patients to read; including myself.


“26 March 2008
From: President CCHR Quebec City

Funds needed for the venue and promotion for the CCHR Travelling Exhibit.

Situation –

We’ll have the CCHR travelling exhibit from April 25th to May 4 th.

The venue is located in a very upstats area of Quebec City, the Old Port, right in the exhibition section of the Cruise Terminal, aside the St-Lawrence River and a block away from the Museum of Civilisation. From this area we also have a superb view of the Chateau Frontenac, one of the oldest and most beautiful building of North America.
The surface of the venue is 3500 square feet. Photos are joined to this csw.

The travelling exhibit is key to counter one of the worse attack of psychiatry on this planet: the Neurocity project which aims at creating in Quebec City a huge Research/Pharmaceutical complex whose stated goal is to accomplish advanced research in the brain and the genes in order to provide specific treatments (drugs) to people that have genetic probability to have a “mental disease” or becoming “criminal” in their life.”


Narconon Trois-Rivières: Disturbing testimony of former employees:

“Some of these cases weren’t admissible to the program because it requires cutting off their medication. But the administration chose to keep them anyway. There were several instances of attempted suicide during the past few months. By law, immediate medical assistance should have been provided, but management decided to keep these persons without calling for an ambulance,” says the former employee. – The situation had become dangerous,” said Mr. Bérard. “We’re playing with people’s lives,” adds Julie Ann Pagé.”

The public, health agencies, governments, and police forces, must understand that Narconon IS 100% Scientology and follows ALL Scientology Religious Doctrines and therapies to the letter. It is a “High Crime” in Scientology/Narconon, to alter their Technology (Tech). Professor Steven Kent from the University of Alberta is an Expert Witness in Scientology-Narconon and he recently gave a deposition under oath in a Narconon Law Suit. He is quoted as, “After examining all of the Narconon Program Books, I found nothing that was not 100% Scientology.”

A Scientologist or a ‘Preclear’ at Narconon can have trouble making spiritual progress in his auditing or training routines (TR’s), if he is connected to someone who is suppressive or who is antagonistic to Scientology or its tenets.

Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard described twelve characteristics by which these evil Suppressives could be identified. If a Scientologist gets sick, or has accidents, or is moody, they are told that they are connected to a suppressive person or influence, and they are instructed to find that source of suppression. Often, it turns out to be a parent, a spouse, a child, a boss, or a social contact. There are specific methods for dealing with the suppressive, from handling them, to ending up disconnecting from them.

USA – IRS – Government Proof Narconon IS Scientology Entity

In 1993, the Church of Scientology International (CSI) and the United States Internal Revenue Service struck an agreement, under which the Church gained tax exemption for itself and its subsidiaries and in return paid $12.5 million dollars to cover the church’s payroll, income and estate-tax bills for an undisclosed number of years prior to 1993, as well as discontinuing numerous lawsuits. The terms of the agreement did not become public until four years later, when they were leaked to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the Form 1023 Statement which CSI had to submit to the IRS prior to the agreement, Narconon forms part of CSI’s “social betterment program.”
When the agreement itself was drafted, CSI accepted responsibility for Narconon’s tax status; the IRS and CSI defined it in the closing agreement as one of a number of “Scientology-related entities.”

The social benefit and other public benefit entities discussed at pages 1-28 through 1-42 of the June [1992] submission [by CSI] along with all subsidiaries, subordinate chapters, subordinate organizations, or sub-licensees thereof (e.g., organizations that are permitted to use particular names, copyrights, service marks, and/or technologies) are Scientology-related entities. Thus, for example, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice, Scientology Defense Fund Trust, Association for the Better Living and Education, Applied Scholastics Incorporated, Narconon International, The Way to Happiness Foundation, and the Foundation for Religious Freedom are Scientology-related entities.

[“Closing agreement on final determination covering specific matters”, U.S. Internal Revenue Service, 1 October 1993]

Shortly afterwards, CSI published a “Tax Compliance Manual” issued to Scientology missions and churches across the United States to instruct Scientologists on the requirements of the agreement with the IRS. It includes a passage on Narconon and the other “social betterment” organisations:

The SCIENTOLOGY charitable and educational institutions that the Internal Revenue Service has recognized as tax-exempt include Association for Better Living and Education, Narconon and Applied Scholastics and all Narconon centers and qualified schools that operate under the authority of Narconon and Applied Scholastics, The Way to Happiness Foundation, as well as the newly formed Hubbard College of Administration and its subordinate colleges. Narconon, Applied Scholastics and Hubbard College of Administration each have the authority to extend tax-exempt status to newly formed subordinate organizations.

[Tax Compliance Manual, Church of Scientology International, 1993]

No detail was left out from being addressed to the Certification Committee.


Most of the aforementioned facts were taken from the first 45 pages of a 205 page submission to the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services – Certification Committee. We could go on and on and on, posting documents and sworn testimony that without a doubt, Narconon is 100% Scientology – a scary thought to some, especially to those who escaped Narconon alive. Many suffer from the cult indoctrination, mind control, and brain-washing – some suffering from ‘Complex PTSD’ (CPTSD).

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Citizens of Canada stand on guard against Cult of Narconon


“Scientology is Religion Like Mafia is Insurance” and their Cult of Narconon drug rehabs are worse than many think — dangerous and deadly above what most could ever imagine.

Canadians stand strong and stand together against any and all human rights abuses, and under the Canadian Charter of Human Rights, we adhere to the principle that all individuals should have an opportunity equal with other individuals to make for themselves the lives that they are able and wish to have and to have their needs accommodated, consistent with their duties and obligations as members of society, without being hindered in or prevented from doing so by discriminatory practices.

Canadians of all stripes agree that now, more than ever, that our health agencies, government officials, judges, and tribunals need to take a firm stand to protect individuals, families, and in the case of suffering drug addicts, protect them from predatory Cults such as Scientology’s, Narconon drug rehab.

In the Province of Quebec, government agencies, the health Ministry, labour board, and the Quebec Human Rights Commission, have all slammed Narconon with scathing verdicts. Quebec physicians are banned from associating with Narconon, the human rights commission’s decision found Narconon guilty of horrific human rights abuses and patients held against their will, and the Quebec Health Ministry shut Narconon down – exiled from the Province for good.

Canada indeed stands strong against those who oppress, discriminate, and abuse – a country that not only protects their own, but also offers help and assistance to other countries in need. Human rights and freedoms are an intrinsic right, whereas all human beings are equal in worth and dignity, and are entitled to equal protection of the law.

The cult of Scientology and their Narconon drug rehab centers, violate many of these rights and freedoms, with no empathy or compassion for the addicts in their expensive, up to $35,000.00 or more scam. Instead, the Narconon cult of greed is concerned only for the millions of dollars that end up in Scientology coffers.



The government agencies in Canada do have great powers to help prevent Narconon expansion, with Civil ACTS, Health Ministry Codes, and College of Physicians watching over charlatans like Narconon. These people practice quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense, deception or misrepresentation.

The Narconon program presents a potential risk to the patients, with credible evidence by way of witness testimony and review of Narconon charts which reflect that there were patients who had psychiatric problems who were taken off of their previously prescribed psychiatric medication that did not do well and subsequently developed psychiatric problems. This evidence indicates a lack of safety and effectiveness in connection with the program.

Patients at Narconon are NOT treated by a doctor, no nurses on staff, and no therapists or counsellors – only Scientology indoctrination into the policies, practices, and doctrines, of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard. This science fiction writer shouts bold and loud across our nation with his proclamation: “THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM and “MAKE MONEY. MAKE MORE MONEY. MAKE OTHER PEOPLE PRODUCE SO AS TO MAKE MORE MONEY.” – L. Ron Hubbard policy – 1972 and 1952.

Take heed, Canada, and stand on guard against this insidious cult that infiltrates into our communities and our society with the stealth of a silent ghost of evil.

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Scientology “We’re playing for blood, the stake is EARTH”

– Heart of Darkness – The Handling and Death of Kyle Brennan

kyle cult3

In Memory of KYLE BRENNAN (Killed by Scientology in 2007)

From numerous websites, “The Truth for Kyle Brennan” – volumes of information is available that clearly indicates a botched police investigation and cover-up concerning the suspicious death of Kyle Brennan who died from a single shot to the head from his father’s .357 Magnum pistol.

Although Kyle’s death occurred back on Feb. 16, 2007, the media and Anonymous continue to dig and press on for details – with little or no cooperation from the Clearwater Police department. Many say that the death of Kyle Brennan is highly suspect of being a homicide covered up to look like suicide.

“One expert who examined the forensic reports independently has declared that it would have been impossible for Kyle to have committed suicide and not left fingerprints on the weapon or the notes in his pockets. Another expert has pointed out that the nature of the head wound and trajectory of the bullet are indicative not of suicide but of homicide.”

So, what really happened while Kyle was at his father’s apartment in Clearwater, Florida – Scientology’s mecca empire center? Will the truth eventually be discovered and those responsible be prosecuted for obstruction of justice and perhaps even murder? If Kyle Brennan did not commit suicide, as many claim, why would Scientology have him killed – if this is the cases?

One of the major, sacred tenets of Scientology is that psychiatry and psychiatric medications are evil. They are forbidden. Scientology’s hatred of psychiatry is extreme and vicious. Kyle Brennan’s psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen McNamara, diagnosed him with mild depression and social anxiety, a condition not uncommon among college students. McNamara prescribed for Kyle the anti-depressant Lexapro.

kyle cult5

As a practicing Scientologist, Kyle’s father, Tom Brennan, could not have a relationship with his son if Kyle was violating Scientology’s anti-psychiatry tenet. So, when Kyle arrived in Clearwater to visit his father on February 8, 2007, Brennan was faced with a troubling situation—he had an SP staying in his apartment. Brennan no doubt immediately reported his dilemma to his Scientology superiors, including, of course, his Scientology “auditor” (or spiritual advisor), Denise Miscavige Gentile—twin sister of the organization’s controversial leader, David Miscavige.

Tom Brennan was ordered to “handle” his son – a well-known Scientology term that means taking care of a situation and removing the trouble source, his own son, Kyle. Being an “Enemy” in the eyes and tenants of Scientology, and according to L. Ron Hubbard, Kyle, “May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to, or destroyed.”

Tom Brennan and David Miscavige’s twin sister, Denise Miscavige, attempted to handle Kyle again during his last days in Clearwater on his second visit in February 2007 where he met his death. Kyle refused to take vitamins which his father bought and which are Scientology’s replacement for antidepressants and other drugs. Denise spoke to Victoria Britton on the phone to persuade her to send Kyle to Scientology’s drug rehabilitation front group Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma where Denise had sent her drug-addicted daughter. Victoria was outraged.

Kyle successfully resisted the attempts to handle him, and Tom Brennan had little alternative but to lock Kyle’s medication in the trunk of his car a few days before Kyle was killed. With time being of the essence, Tom Brennan had to complete the handling Scientology demanded before Kyle left to return home.

So many unanswered questions remain, like, “Why was the GSR (gunshot residue) swabs taken from Kyle Brennan, in evidence, never processed? The gun’s owner and first person on the scene, Tom Brennan, were not subjected to any GSR swabbing for potential evidence of wrongdoing. Why?”

“The Church of Scientology falsely claims that Victoria Britton has repeatedly stated that her son Kyle was murdered. Not only is this untrue, but it was the defendants themselves who first mentioned in documents that homicide was possibly the cause of Kyle’s death. In the Answer and Affirmative Defenses of Defendant Thomas Brennan it states: “Kyle Brennan’s death was either a suicide or homicide constituting an intervening act.”

Is “the public supposed to consider it comprehensive and thorough police work when a responding officer interviews the most important person at the crime scene for only 20 minutes, never returns to the crime scene, simply hands over his report to the detective taking over the investigation—a detective who, it must be said, never visits the crime scene— and then destroys the notes of that first important interview?”

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Scientology war against pharmaceuticals interview released

Today, Dec. 7, 2014, Examiner releases raw audio interview on YouTube with medical director of major pharmaceutical company that reveals decades of controversy including the decline of Scientology’s war against psychiatry and big pharma.

Addicts require trained, profession medical help

File Photo

The medical director insisted on remaining anonymous and not to name the pharmaceutical company he was from during the interview. When asked about the conflicts between the pharmaceutical industry and Scientology-Narconon, he replied: “ I think the major conflicts have been through Narconon – their refusal to treat people with appropriate medication.”

“The thing is, Scientology is now so small, the conflicts with psychiatry in the past sort of peaked out in the 90s – now psychiatry is not paying much attention to it. I think it had a lot more voice in the past but the troubles with Narconon recently have weakened their position,” said the director.

“Decisions should not be left to unqualified, untrained Narconon staff if a patient requires medication for epilepsy, bi-polar or something for schizophrenia – or something the patient really needs to function. But Narconon is opposed to this.”

mafia10Scientology founder, L Ron Hubbard declared in 1966 an all-out war on psychiatry, telling Scientologists that “We want at least one bad mark on every psychiatrist in England, a murder, an assault, or a rape or more than one.” He committed the Church of Scientology to the goal of eradicating psychiatry in 1969, announcing that “Our war has been forced to become ‘To take over absolutely the field of mental healing on this planet in all forms.

mafia8David Miscavige dramatically, and somewhat bizarrely, continues attacking psychiatrists – his words backed by clips from a Scientology-produced DVD are broadcast on four giant high-definition TV screens and sensationally called: Psychiatry: an industry of death.

When asked his opinion concerning how Narconon medical managers (licensed physicians) can be associating with Narconon and not be in a conflict of interest, the medical director bluntly stated that: “It doesn’t surprise me that Scientology can find a few MDs out there off the beaten path, willing to do that. But I don’t understand how you could be a scientist or medical professional and be a Scientologist – the beliefs are incompatible.”

Being a medical director of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, the director states his views on Scientology’s war on the industry: “I think that Narconon is one of their major routes into the cult, and now that so many have been shut down and information available on the internet, they’re going to be desperate to keep that avenue open. I think you’re going to see a burst of activity, but over the long term, Scientology seems to be unravelling as the cult disintegrates.”

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