David Edgar Love

Born on the West Coast of British Columbia, David Edgar Love now resides in the Montreal area. David formed a charitable organization in 1990 and was the Director of a rehabilitation center for substance abuse. He then completed a University of British Columbia Real Estate Course and was employed as a Realtor and Sub-Mortgage Broker for more than six years. David’s life is fulfilled doing research on public safety, culture, disease and illness, and strives to help persons with human rights and freedoms issues; especially those related to Scientology Narconon and other dangerous Cults.

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  1. lizabeth says:

    David, been following your story for awhile, mostly on videos and recently on VV. I would like to send you a small gift to help. I prefer to write a check or put on a card. Don’t use Pen Pal. Do you have a PO Mail box # or somewhere safely to receive?
    Hope to hear from you. Can you email me please? Thank you.
    This is first I’ve seen your site and will peruse it with pleasure. CanuckXenu posted it for me when asked for info.

  2. lizabeth says:

    Hi David, check the Gravatar by my name. Good to hear from you.

    • Patricia Shipp says:

      Hello Mr. Love,
      I am a reporter out of Los Angeles and doing a story on one of Narconon’s victims in Oklahoma and would like to speak to you about the program. Will you please email a contact number at patshipp4@aol.com?

  3. Katie Fretland says:

    Can you call the Associated Press please for a news article? 405-525-2121

    • Owner says:

      BTW, most of the research has been prdovied by Lermanet. Someone other than me put in several weeks of work to put that together.Please make use of it! If The SEED and SYNANON got their funding cut off, why is Scientology allowed to use very similar techniques on school children.Did any of you notice that Applied Scholastics bills gov agencies at an Hourly cost rate per student: $45-$65!I’m sure you could show kids how to use play-dough to do math as well as these Scientologists.

  4. lizabeth says:

    Regarding your letter to Marty which I commented on. I am embarrassed to say that when I read that sentence about Narconon, I didn’t have the guts to speak up. I am so happy that you did. Maybe I will take some courage from your example and speak next time. I still am laughing how you kicked butt! 😉 Love it and kudos!

    • David says:

      Cool story bro..Haha just kidding! Just a ltitle internet humor! But on a more serious note I really like your blog and I think you should try google adsense to monetize it. You would make bank!

  5. otfriend says:

    I have some news for you regarding narconon canada. Please contact me at otfriend8@hushmail.com

  6. deElizabethan says:

    Hi David, Is it possible to subscribe to this blog so I don’t miss out when you put out a new article, should you do that? I couldn’t find a place on the pages. Otherwise I find you on wwp or FB. Email: # dfindlay@knology.net, thanks love!

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