David Miscavige’s worst nightmare, Narconon fleet is sinking

“We the People” versus “We the Government”

troutrun7Scientologists Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley won’t be touring a new “Ideal Narconon” anytime soon if citizens of Frederick, Maryland, Ontario, Canada, and Australians have their way. The “NarcaCON” – as one reporter pronounced the Narconon name, is  rather fitting when one considers all the lawsuits and human rights abuses and violations.

Unfortunately, in some matters concerning the expansion of Scientology and Narconon, photomany concerned citizens have gotten used to being dictated to by government agents, bureaucrats and alike that we’ve forgotten that WE are supposed to be the ones calling the shots and determining what is just, reasonable and necessary. Sometimes we’re guilty of forgetting that the government was established to serve us as well as obey us.

trout gangHowever, this was not the case with a group of citizens in Frederick, Maryland, who insisted that their city Council Members and government agencies listen to them as “We the People” do NOT want the Scientology Cult of Narconon in our back yard. They formed a Facebook group page, “No Narconon at Trout Run” with 345 members and growing.

TroutrunScientology entity, Social Betterment Properties International (SBPI) bought the Trout Run property for near $5 million dollars, hoping to have the rural property designated as ‘historic’ – allowing a Narconon drug rehab center to open under a ‘Group Home’ designation. Scientology was shot down on June 2, 2015 with a whopping 6 to 1 AGAINST the ‘historic’ designation. The Council Members, after examining reams of documents, and comparing Trout Run to other similar properties, made a firm decision that this property did not fit the ‘historic’ criteria – not being anymore special than numerous other properties similar to Trout Run.

troutrun2Social Betterment Properties International – Lawyer not a “Happy Camper”

When citizens take a stand, based on research, county regulations, drug rehab health policies, and basic principles of protecting the public from harm, mountains can be moved as seen recently in Frederick and elsewhere.

troutrun3Democracy demands that the majority rules and governs when important decisions must be made for the safety of the general public across the United States, and for smaller communities directly affected by proposed changes that could, if implemented, produce unhealthy risk factors that are unacceptable and dangerous.

The New York Times Weighs In

Camp David Neighbors Fight Historic Designation to Keep Out Scientology-Backed Center

“Opponents also say the septic tanks required for a center with at least 30 patients and staff members will pollute the fishing stream. And some say it is odd that a place deemed historically important for the county could be closed to the public.

“They are planning something that is not compatible with the restoration and preservation of Trout Run,” Mr. Hagen said.

troutrun8But the headline-grabbing outrage is about Scientology. At a meeting that attracted about 20 people to a library on May 12, opponents of the Trout Run plan invited a speaker from Canada to describe his experiences with Narconon.”


The Washington Post

Scientology-backed drug rehab triggers a furor near Camp David

When the producers of “The West Wing” needed a Camp David look-alike, they sent President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet to Trout Run, a peaceful array of stone lodges set along a stream near the real Camp David.

Now Narconon, a controversial drug rehab program affiliated with the Church of Scientology, wants to use the Frederick County property to help treat Maryland’s surge of heroin addicts and other drug abusers with saunas, vitamins and the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. A Narconon official defended the program as a fresh start for “tens of thousands” of addicts in the United States and abroad, but the organization has also been sued for alleged fraud and wrongful death.

In a county where political discourse can get a little weird — a council member recently declared that a reporter had no right to print his name in the local newspaper — the debate over Narconon is slipping into the surreal.


April 27, 2015

troutrun9“Social Betterment Properties International, a subsidiary of the Church of Scientology, has purchased part of the property long known as Trout Run for Narconon, also a subsidiary of Scientology. Narconon wants to operate a drug rehabilitation program on this property, even though the property is zoned “Resource Conservation,” where, under normal circumstances, that use is not allowed.

But there’s a little glitch in the zoning regulations, that will allow this use if the property is deemed historic and placed on the Frederick County Register of Historic Places. (This glitch should be seriously examined after the dust settles from this issue.) So, Narconon has applied for this designation and has passed the first hurdles. The Frederick County Historic Preservation Commission unanimously agreed that, to some degree, the property meets at least some of the county’s criteria to be placed on the short list of registered properties.

Now it’s up to the county council to make the final decision about placing the property on the register…or not.”

TV News 4 NBC Washington

Frederick County Votes Against Church of Scientology Drug Rehab Facility

By Mark Segraves – Jun 2, 2015

“The Frederick County Council voted 6-1 against allowing the Church of Scientology to open a drug rehab facility. News 4’s Mark Segraves reports.”

Reporter calls Narconon a NarcaCON … a humerous, but perhaps a fitting Name …

Photos Provided by Frederick Citizepress3nstroutrun11





Left by himself holding his …. Ummm … “Cup in his hand … ”




Frederick Citizens Celebrating WIN Vote Against a Narconon in Their City


Scientology’s David Miscavige, insulted by ‘No Narconon in Frederick’ vote

Legal | Media Release – Wire Service (06/05/2015)

“This could turn into another Vietnam for the cult if Miscavige chooses to fight in court. I think a lawsuit would come across as vindictive and frivolous, so would create “bad PR’ as Hubbard put it. Even if 2 ‘members’ caved in, a revote would still maintain the status quo and the Miscavige REIT would have a piece of property they could only sell,” stated an Anonymous source on WWP to Cult Examiner, David Love. Earlier, this same source that has diligently been ‘following’ Scientology for decades, said, “In the years I have observed Scientology, I have never seen the cult so agitated.”


For over 3,000 Videos with information about the human rights abuses and deaths inside Scientology’s drug rehab centers, visit the YouTube website HERE.

Why We Protest has over 30,ooo Posts about Narconon Linked HERE.






Ex Scientologist Message Board – Narconon & Other Front Groups Exposed Link HERE:


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2 Responses to David Miscavige’s worst nightmare, Narconon fleet is sinking

  1. Sarah says:

    Great job standing up for your rights!
    Please take extra care with your pets…

  2. Abdie says:

    Wow, the cult apparently did not see that one coming!

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