Narconon Reviews publishes heartbreaking Narconon drug rehab stories


Earlier this morning, requested information was received about the new “” website that is attracting attention from citizens all over the internet on Facebook and social forums concerningScientology‘s drug rehab network.A dedicated team of researchers laboured for over two years in this amazing online source of information for the public, victims, and those seeking a reputable drug rehab. The site is also a detailed resource for government agencies and lawyers to view documents and responses from ex-Narconon victims.

An email received this morning explained the mission of Narconon Reviews:

“Started by a few long-time members fromReaching for the Tipping Point, this new website is on a mission to: “Help people avoid rehab scams and choose a drug or alcohol rehab based on research, rather than on advertising claims. Help former clients of Narconon who feel they have been harmed financially, physically, or emotionally. Help individuals, journalists, lawyers, and government authorities to research Narconon.”

Unique to the site, responses to the Narconon Survey, conducted by the Downtown Independent Research Team, are unsolicited and independent reviews of Narconon, made by people who have chosen to tell others about their experiences at Narconon’s drug rehab.

Many of the ‘Survey’ responses from Narconon victims are indeed heartbreaking and a message for those seeking help.

Narconon Reviews Canada Response #265 (excerpt): “This mother of a former client filled out the survey posthumously for her son because he committed suicide not long after leaving Narconon. She says that he lost all his self-confidence when he was in the Narconon program, and never regained it after leaving.” (…) “He was not anything like the person that went there. He was so ashamed of what he had become after we had spent so much of our life savings on the program.”

Narconon Reviews Response $245 (excerpt): “This person with an alcohol problem was accompanied to Narconon Trois-Rivieres in Quebec, Canada by a person claiming to be an interventionist. The interventionist was actually a car salesman who had completed the Narconon program 6 months prior. He describes a housing situation that no one should endure, and was afraid for his well-being at times.”

Narconon Reviews USA Response #300 (excerpt): “He was at Narconon Arrowhead when another “student”, Gabriel Graves, died. He would not choose Narconon, knowing what he knows now, and says: “The only way I would go there now would be to join a picket line and protest them.”

Narconon Reviews Netherlands Response #259 (excerpt): “the whole program bothered him because he couldn’t see how the program had anything to do with kicking drugs and staying clean. He says, “All I got was 10 months of craziness and mumbo jumbo Hubbard Tech. And they were bad mouthing about the psychs whenever they get a chance to do so, They are obsessed about how bad the psychs are.”

And another confirmation concerning rampant sex and drugs at Narconon centers, this ex-Narconon patient details the chaos here:

Narconon Reviews Response #278 (excerpt): “A former client at Narconon of Georgia, this person describes a housing situation rife with drug and alcohol use and indiscriminate sex, and says “They never threw even the worst rule breakers out cause they wanted the money more than they wanted to do the right thing…”

A comprehensive section of Narconon Reviews is the Narconon Documentation page, including Inspection Reports, Lawsuits, Formal Complaints, and more.

Narconon Reviews staff comment:

“We are a small but passionate group of volunteers who repeatedly heard worrisome stories aboutNarconon. We set out to find out if the stories we were hearing were true, and began collecting our own documents, then looked around the web to see what else there was. What we found were small collections of documents and other information scattered around the internet which corroborated what we had heard, but were difficult to keep track of.”

“Our documents form the majority of our information, and are mostly created by others who have had first-hand experience with Narconon. We feel that this type of information is worth more than the often shocking but accurate hearsay, to which this information lends authenticity. We categorize our documents into two basic types, Documented and Empirical, with additional categories under those. Read Narconon Documentation to learn more about the different types of information we collect.”

“Five families have filed a class action lawsuit calling the entire Narconon of Georgia program a fraud. This is the first ever class action lawsuit filed against a Narconon by victims its drug rehabilitation program and deceptive trade practices. This case concerns Narconon of Georgia and its parent and related supervisory organizations – Narconon International, Association for Better Living and Educational International and Religious Technology Center – which holds the copyrights and oversees licensing of all Scientology works left by L. Ron Hubbard to the Church of Scientology International for its organizations use, including its social front groups like Narconon.”

Inside Scientology Rehab Narconon

David Edgar Love

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