Ontario citizens take action against Clark Carr’s Narconon opening

WireService.ca Media Release – 08/02/2013


As more and more information is coming out of the woodwork concerning Clark Carr’s proposal to open a Narconon center near Ontario’s Hockey Valley, citizens are mounting an impressive offensive.

The meeting, held in the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio, a very small community, with about 30 houses, was attended by a surprising 100 or more people.

One citizen commented in an email today: “The presentation from this Carr character on Tuesday was absolute — full of holes, zero facts were presented, and all the audience were told over and over again was how good their program is for their students.” Narconon calls their clients or patients, ‘students’, contrary to what is the norm at most drug rehabs.

Apparently, Clark Carr had Narconon graduates at the meeting and according to one source “presented all kinds of malarkey – their wildcard completely went against them, and pissed the community off even further.”

“We do NOT want this garbage here,” said one citizen.

A group of concerned community members have now started a Facebook page: “No Drug Rehab in Hockley Valley” and stated, “Stop the proposal for Narconon Drug Rehab Facility in the Community we love! Sign the online petition today!” The petition is now circulating Facebook and other social forums.

Also, in tonight’s email: “We have someone manning the “Hockley General Store” this weekend, handing out the information and petition information. Our community is highly visited, and can be considered a tourist area all year round. This long weekend will bring in 100’s of locals and outside residents.”

In a phone call this evening with one very concerned citizen, it was confirmed that Narconon Incorporated director, Bard Melnychuk, gave a presentation at the meeting. As with Clark Carr, Melnychuk received negative response after his long winded “how great the program was.”

One expressed concern was Narconon students leaving the premises and buying alcohol at the nearby general store. And considering allegations against Narconon Arrowhead that “counselors traded drugs for sex”, their concern is relevant.

Another comment questioned the ability of local police to be available to attend to matters at the proposed Narconon center. At Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, as many as THIRTY 911 calls were received in one year for help at the center.

In some cases, the officers intervened by entering the center and waiting with distraught patients until their parents or sponsor could safely pick them up without interference from Narconon Arrowhead’s staff.

Other 911 emergency calls detail searches for smuggled-in illegal drugs and several fires near cabins. One call was from Gary Smith, CEO of Narconon Arrowhead, pleading with police to arrest someone who was in possession of drugs.

According to one source tonight, “the Mayor, Tom Walsh & Councilor left after a resident asked the audience for a show of hands in who wanted this, [Narconon] and not a single hand was raised.”

“Multiple emails have been sent to the Council members from the community. However we have yet to hear their position. All we know is that they have their own “reservations” – which gives us faith, and we won’t back down until Carr and his silly nonsense goes away for good.”

David Edgar Love

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2 Responses to Ontario citizens take action against Clark Carr’s Narconon opening

  1. Hockley Resident says:

    This is very important to me and the people of Adjala Township Please take 1 minute to sign this petition to stop a Narcanon Rehab Facility from being built in Hockley.


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