Open Letter to David Miscavige being Penetrated


Dear David Miscavige and Enforcers,

In my opinion, an internal covert ‘coup’ may not be far off – removing you and your thugs from Scientology’s terroristic cult of deception and death. Perhaps being delusional, weaving elaborate fictional explanations to justify your actions is blinding you to what draws nigh.

Among many personality and character dysfunctions, many emphasize your marked tendencies of being a sociopath. You tend to do, say, or authorize, bizarre, erratic, and extreme irrational behaviour unbound by normal social and legal practices.

Being incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse, allows you to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. Your pursuit of any action that serves your own self-interest even if it seriously harms others is most disturbing.

Well Miscavige, there are probably more ‘moles’ crawling up your arse these days than you could imagine – enough to constipate an elephant I dare say?

Remember back in 1992 in Canada when former Scientologists testified on behalf of the Crown, and a police undercover officer infiltrated the Church to gather evidence? That was 20 years ago and ‘real scientific technology’, as opposed to your ‘fail tech’, has made it easy and simple to expose your crimes.

The perpetual and ongoing enforcement of degrading practices in the Sea Org and elsewhere has seen many flee your cult and speak out to media and government agencies. Coerced and forced abortions, torture, fair game, dead agenting, harassment, intimidation, and disconnection, is exposing you as a terroristic cult dictator.

If you don’t know, see, or feel what could, and most likely is, going on behind your back to remove you, it only enforces the suggestion that you are hoodwinking yourself – a typical sign of a true sociopath.

A real leader is one who empowers you and sets you free to explore your life experience with complete freedom tempered by a code of morals and personal responsibility. You, Miscavige, are the complete opposite – one whom instructs his trusted thugs to harass and terrorize anyone who dares to be a Scientology critic.

Your cult of Scientology is falling apart at the ‘tech-seams’ and victims are lining up in droves to dismantle your drug rehabs in countless lawsuits. Wake up Miscavige – have some compassion and help bring torn apart families back together.

As West Germany was cut off from East Germany by a physical wall, so has Scientology cut off families by terroristic threats and lies. As the wall was dismantled in Germany, and destroyed by political change and protest demonstrations, so shall Scientology fall and you, David Miscavige, be removed.


David Edgar Love

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4 Responses to Open Letter to David Miscavige being Penetrated

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  2. eddieVroom says:

    It is interesting that you should use the term “terroristic”; it has come to my recent attention that there are a number of peer-reviewed papers published since 9-11-2001 analyzing terrorist cells as cults. I imagine that Homeland Security is paying attention to Miscavige, albeit more as a psychological study. Of greater relevance to Scientology, there must come some point where the Board of Directors stops collectively being a willing rubber-stamp bearing eunich and attempts to rescue the mission before Miscavige runs the ship aground.

  3. Saul says:

    I can’t imagine this cult holding up much longer in the U.S.A., or globally.

  4. sarah james says:

    I know he won’t last much longer. I would like for scientology to lose its tax exemption as it never was a church. If and when it rises from the ashes all the warts and scabs of lrh should be exposed.People should go into any self help program with their eyes wide open. They need to be able to laugh at the xenu crap and not be afraid they will die of bacterial infection. From what I have read of lrh, he was strange but David Miscavige appears a billion times worse. My heart goes out to everyone those two have harmed.

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