Could David Miscavige Order The Mass Murder-Suicide of Followers?

admcultAlthough David Miscavige comes up short for some of the attributes of a sociopathic cult leader who might order mass suicide, one must not overlook his pathological signs. A brain capable of mass murder-suicide lacks the circuitry to process emotions, such as feeling shame, guilt, or remorse and knowing when to stop exaggerating things to the point of absurdity. The allegations of Miscavige’s criminal-like behaviour for dominating and controlling others and his win-at-all costs dogma are tell-tale symptoms, especially his incapable-of-love dictatorship. Witnesses have described a man of low self-esteem, entirely self-serving in nature, and never wrong or feeling guilt. Indeed, a man convinced he has no need to ever apologize – applying the Scientology doctrine of “knowing versus believing.”

Some of the above attributes may depict Hubbard more precisely than Miscavige, but the cult’s present leader possesses most of them. Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth merely because they say it!

acchr5Simply imagining a mass suicide inflicted upon indoctrinated, brain-washed followers seems quite ludicrous and hard to accept. Yet this is what Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, the Solar Temple’s leaders, and countless others implemented out on their day of death. What is publicly known about Miscavige may not match what is now known about Hubbard’s sexual appetite and bizarre actions, but Miscavige also certainly could “smash his name into the history books,” as did Hubbard with his narcissistic and schizoid paranoid behaviour — expressed in detailed, insane writings produced while intoxicated on drugs.

Are this groupthink cult and Scientology’s indoctrinated followers like “sheeple” heading to a slaughterhouse, forfeiting their right to choose in exchange for a feeling of inclusion? Are they following blindly into a poisonous, viper-filled auditorium of death? Or is the hype and fear, so often reported in critical Scientology stories and Hollywood tabloids, pushing the imagination of readers too far?

ajones2Mass cult suicides are some of the most publicized and terrorizing aspects of what can happen within a destructive and mind-controlling organization such as Scientology. One only need turn the pages of history to see potential similarities with the Jim Jones mass murder-suicide that killed 918 in Guyana.

The signs of a red alert warning flash when a dangerous cult dictator feels trapped within circumstances he cannot control or escape except through death. When such a dire situation is combined with a narcissistic and paranoid mind, one can easily imagine a replay of the Jonestown mass murder-suicide tragedy — the premeditated death of men, women, and children. Jones and his enforcers compelled ALL of People’s Temple followers to drink the poison, and those who refused were brutally murdered by gun or knife — including many young children.

David Edgar Love

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One Response to Could David Miscavige Order The Mass Murder-Suicide of Followers?

  1. they have this strange process th R2 -45 process
    page 120 in the ron hubbard book “THECREATION OF HUMAN ABILITY ”
    i quote
    I read a disguise quote for suicide
    45 reference for a gun of this same caliber ?

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