Scientology – New Cambridge Church Will Bring New Definition To “Empty”




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The Church of Scientology has another “Ideal ORG” Grand Opening scheduled for Saturday, February 9th at 1p.m. in Cambridge, Ontario and protesters vow to be heard.

Members of Anonymous and citizens from Quebec and Ontario will be in attendance to help inform the public of Scientology’s crimes and human rights abuses. Some will tour the crumbling downtown Toronto Church – – now under renovations, before travelling to the new Cambridge church with Adam Holland, AlexM, and several others.

Adam Holland, an Ex-Scientology Sea ORG member, was featured in an eleven page MacLean’s Magazine article recently, and says “They take away everything you are and replace it with their own version of what they think you should be”.

Adam’s father is still a member of Scientology, but as per L. Ron Hubbard “Disconnection Policy”, has disconnected from his son and no communication or contact is permitted.

adamretreatOn Why We Protest forum today, Adam posted: “I look forward to educating as many people as I can while protesting in the town of Kitchener/Cambridge. I’ve heard stories from inside the Sea Org about how small the compliment of staff is. I heard from my associates that KIT was often single-handed most weekdays by a locally-posted SO member, with a few staff only arriving in the evenings.”

“One thing is for certain: this new building will bring the definition of “Empty” to whole new orders of magnitude.”

I will be travelling from Montreal to Toronto tomorrow evening and arrive early Saturday morning to cover the grand opening and protest event. Other media are expected to attend the opening from reports earlier today, as well as the Cambridge Times who published an article today:–church-of-scientology-opening-in-cambridge

David Edgar Love

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One Response to Scientology – New Cambridge Church Will Bring New Definition To “Empty”

  1. D. deNinny says:

    So good to see some Cambridge folks showing interest. If I lived there I’d be banging on my neighbors’ doors and telling everyone that a cult was making the move of our loved ones. Good luck with the protest event. It’s good people like you that make a huge difference in our world — not the money-grabbing, criminal Scientologists with their glitzy and lies and abuses. Thank you for this article.

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