Scientology-Narconon Mind Rape


Loud screams echoed about the cult compound as the young lady stood up holding her arm in extreme pain. Narconon was short of funds, so no salt or sand had been sprinkled on the slippery parking lot for patient and staff safety – – the victim fell hard on the ice, fracturing her forearm in 3-4 places.

Hospital emergencies in Quebec are often short staffed and backed up with several hours of suffering in the waiting room. Finally, after X-rays and physician examination, a multiple fracture was diagnosed. No surgeon was available to operate that night, so the patient was sent back to Narconon with a prescription of pain killers to get her through the night and told to return the next day.

arape2The next morning, I noticed her in tears, crying at the dining room table and walked over to ask what was wrong. Sobbing, she told me that the Narconon staff refused to administer the pain meds because it would interfere with her “Objectives Sessions” (Scientology Auditing). Instead, the staff offered her nerve and touch assists to relieve her trauma, with no noticeable relief.

I had seen countless, similar events that boggled my mind, including inappropriate touching while fragile females were in the drug withdrawal unit receiving “touch assists”, and others treated with unconscionable disrespect and abuse.

At times, I noticed some walking around with head hung low and sad, while others were crying and in obvious mental distress. The cult indoctrinated staff took notice at times, with little empathy – – only treating with Scientology techniques.

Several attempted suicides and one killed by a gun-shot to the head was swept under the carpet and not discussed ever – – with threat of being fired immediately.

When a desperate addict or family member seeks help, they have no idea of what Narconon is about; they just want help and want it now – – not realizing that they are entering a world of deception, mind control, and indoctrination into a very dangerous and deadly cult.

aslaveWhen someone walks in a Church of Scientology door, they know it is Scientology. A very ill and suffering addict who enters a Narconon compound, has no idea that they will immediately be commanded to participate in Scientology training routines and auditing sessions. The mind control begins upon arrival on a gradient of tiny steps so the patient doesn’t see the control aspect. In fact, the patients are called “Students”, not clients or patients as other drug rehabs do. But the very ill “student” couldn’t care less what they are called – – they just want to be treated for their disease of addiction. One student who was from New York, said to me one afternoon “David, someone told me that this place is run by Scientologists, but I don’t care if they are green space aliens from Mars, I just want to get better.”

Unfortunately, many of the Narconon staff are influenced by Hubbard’s alien writings and the student is deceptively indoctrinated into these cult beliefs. And eventually, the student does feel better, but only because they have stopped using drugs for a few weeks or months and the residue is out of their system.

However, even though they feel stronger physically, I noticed a strange behaviour and new language expressed when they talked. Such as “getting  ethics in”; “getting TR’s in”; “being at cause”; “I’m PTS”, and so on.

I witnessed many, including myself, subjected to slow but constant pressures devised to break us down mentally – – coercion, humiliation, inhuman treatment, degradation, and intimidation were the norm. The conscious part of the personality no longer takes part, just obeys on command. The mind-controlled live in a trance, repeating the cult phrases scared into him by somebody else. Like circus animals trained to perform, we were repetitiously being mind-raped.

Many vulnerable victims have no idea what happened to them while subject to this insidious cult and some need months of therapy after leaving. The majority relapse back into drug addiction and some die shortly after leaving Narconon.

Indeed, Scientology is a cult of greed and power – – one that should be avoided and exposed to government and health authorities until they listen and act.

David Edgar Love

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5 Responses to Scientology-Narconon Mind Rape

  1. cnhender says:

    Very good read David.

  2. Dean Fox says:

    Thank you for this David. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  3. Sue Lee says:

    Well said, thankyou for caring David

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