Scientology Escapes FTC Probe While Skechers Pays 40 Million for ‘False Hope’

One might ask ‘what is the world coming to’ when Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard can make astounding medical cure claims, without recourse from government authorities; while a running shoe company is investigated by the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising claims.

Hubbard claimed cures for goiter, arthritis, cancer, polio, insanity, and even cure a broken bones, as well as numerous other diseases and ailments. Many desperate and vulnerable victims scammed by promises of being cured through Scientology auditing processes, are now dead – – not seeking appropriate medical care in time.

According to the Hubbard “Tech”, healings were supposed to be the result of a precise, scientifically proven process invented by L. Ron Hubbard using the e-meter patented to Hubbard. All of the writings of Hubbard are still published and sold by Scientology. Auditing is scientific. Auditing heals. Auditing is a healing science. And auditing requires the use of the E-meter.

The Church of Scientology always falls back on its religious status and claim that these are spiritual healings and are thus exempt from FDA or any other secular medical rules and laws.

Hubbard exaggerated his academic background toward the scientific end and wanted people to see him as a master of the physical sciences and a Commodore to mankind. However, while only having two miserable years of college, Hubbard professed to be one of America’s first nuclear physicists and several University degrees. All lies!

So, is Scientology a science that offers physical, medical cures or is it a religion that deals with spiritual aspects only? Perhaps a split personality; each used as needed?

The Federal Trade Commission investigated the Skechers running shoe company because they claimed stronger and more toned muscles, weight loss and cardiovascular health. The FTC also alleges that Skechers manipulated and “cherry-picked results” from studies to support their claims. Sound familiar, as in the Scientology Rehabs promising 70-90% success rates?

Skechers settled with the FTC to the ‘tone’ of 40 million dollars, resolving an investigation that included the attorney generals from 44 states. Under the settlement, Skechers is not allowed to make any claims about its toning shoes involving health or fitness benefits unless they are backed by scientific evidence.

Reviewing these two (Scientology, Skechers)  subject entities claims to cure and improve physical health, indeed lead one to a bunch of questions?

Wearing the miracle running shoes, in no way endangered health, life or limb, while on the other hand, Scientology’s claims to heal or cure life threatening ailments, is indeed a dangerous and deadly practice.

Although Skechers must ensure all their claims are now backed by scientific evidence, Scientology and other cults claiming protection under religious status, roam free to scam and dupe desperate and vulnerable victims, exploiting millions in false claims and fraudulent practices.

David Edgar Love

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One Response to Scientology Escapes FTC Probe While Skechers Pays 40 Million for ‘False Hope’

  1. deLizabeth says:

    A rotten shame that the FTC picks on a business who is paying taxes and have not hurt anyone, let alone bringing death as occurring in Scientology. Utterly ridiculous and a black mark on the FTC. Please government, look into this and do something about it.

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