Narconon Cruise Mission Impossible

It would appear that Tom Cruise is either beginning to have “talking to walls syndrome” or in need of Lilly or Pfizer medication? Or perhaps he’s been smoking similar glaze-eyed material that none other than “Dear Marty” may have succumbed to?

With the recent bad PR that the Scientology Rehab, Narconon Arrowhead has received over the past few months, maybe newspaper and magazine articles concerning the four deaths at the center, have been ripped from the stars’ reach? Whatever the case, Tom Cruises attempt to recruit Russell Brand into the clutches of Scientology, seem like something only an indoctrinated cult dumb-ass would do. Then again, one must remember that Tom is an actor and reality escapes the best of them.

What doesn’t Cruise get about patients dying at his favourite drug rehab? Oh’, that’s right; the Galactic Thetan simply moves on to another piece of “meat-body” and continues on in the trek of disillusionment. Although Tom seems like an intelligent character in many of his acting parts, his ranting about psychiatric medications and negative spiels against the related medical profession, leaves many to question how deep he is indoctrinated into the pseudoscientific quackery of Scientology.

In my opinion Tom, supporting Narconon could be a career advancing hindrance considering all the government, police, and health agency ongoing investigations. Surely, if you adhere to any of your Agent advice, an “Exit-Stage-Left” might be a wise move? But then again, we’re not dealing with a religion based on wisdom – – more like a cult of deception and death.

Some free advice here, Tom, we DO know about psychiatrists and medication that helps the suffering cope and function in society – something that you may want to study outside of the cult to inform yourself of the truth.

David Edgar Love

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