Narconon Secrets – Exposing a Cult of human rights abuses



“Scientology is Religion Like Mafia is Insurance” and their Cult of Narconon drug rehabs are worse than many think — dangerous and deadly above what most could ever imagine.

The Quebec Human Right Commission verdict, first reported by Tony Ortega against Narconon Trois-Rivieres, was unanimously resolved and passed by the members of the Complaints committee at its 654th sitting held on January 16, 2014 as Resolution CP-654.

Montreal reporter, CATHERINE SOLYOM, THE GAZETTE APRIL 15, 2014, interviewed David Love after refusing to accept Narconon’s cash offer that included a ‘Non-Disclosure’ – GAG ORDER that would prevent the victims from ever revealing details about the horrific abuses inside Narconon.

Following more than 3 years of investigations, the Human Rights Commission found Narconon Trois-Rivieres had violated numerous human rights, submitting patients to humiliating and degrading practices, including “charging considerable sums for a detoxification program that is not scientifically recognized and entails risks for her health and her safety.”

Some were forced to work without compensation, under pretext of disciplinary action for so-called  misdeeds. The Commission found the patient living conditions and food to be poor quality — especially considering the tens of thousands paid for treatment and care. Disturbing, was the Commission’s findings that patients were held against their will, forced confinement, and methods of coercion to manipulate both the patient and family members.

Scientology praises itself to be one of the most ethical groups on the face of the earth – yet the actions of the founder, L. Ron Hubbard, exposes a telling tale of abuse and crimes. The current cult leader, David Miscavige, along with many of his corrupt and immoral followers, lend a clear image of the most unethical and greedy whoremongers ever to exist in recent times.

Up until a few years ago, these unscrupulous mafia-humans, claimed to be the only group on earth that could cure drug addiction, heal the sick, make the blind to see and save mankind from eternal destruction. “Come into to our lair, we have a FREE Stress Test and Personality Test for you”, they say with a fake grin – – the glint of dollar signs in their perverted minds.

The Bridge to total freedom and super-human powers is painted in beautiful, seductive colors of power. The cult declares that clearing the planet of all criminals that prey on the weak and curing all sickness is only a few auditing sessions away. Most are unaware that these promises are like reaching for an invisible rainbow of gold – never quite attainable no matter how much money they extort. Scientology has their glistening tentacles into countless community activities; never mentioning the blackened Scientology word, but using “secular technology” instead.

They have a group called Citizens Commission on Human Rights – a group that attacks psychiatry and other forms of mental health, including pharmaceutical companies and their medicines that help people cope and survive in society. Another giant cash machine for the cult is Narconon – a global network of Scientology Rehab centers, expanding the cult indoctrination into the secular community by preying on desperate and vulnerable addicts and their loved ones. According to government health agencies and expert physicians in the field of drug detoxification, Narconon is not only dangerous, but can be deadly. The three recent deaths at Narconon Arrowhead, under the supervision of CEO Gary Smith, are but a few of the many deaths while in the care of Narconon staff.

nnstafftalkCBC News reported on  April 17, 2012, that regional health agency in Quebec said he had no choice but to shut down a Scientology-based rehab centre in Trois-Rivières. In recent months, he said at least four clients were taken to hospital because of methods used at the centre.

“We’re playing with people’s lives”

“Some of these cases weren’t admissible to the program because it requires cutting off their medication. But the administration chose to keep them anyway. There were several instances of attempted suicide during the past few months. By law, immediate medical assistance should have been provided, but management decided to keep these persons without calling for an ambulance,” says the former employee. Narconon’s finances were so badly managed that Julie Ann Pagé and another co-worker were forced to get rid of the center’s trash because Narconon couldn’t afford to have its garbage bins emptied. Sylvain Bérard also recalls that, in 2009, clients were compelled to eat ground beef for a whole month, even though the clients could spend between $20,000 and $30,000 for their stay.

“We had no right to have a personal opinion. The only thing that mattered was their teaching of Scientology. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you. This was one of their internal rules, but they themselves don’t apply it. They have no respect for us or for the residents,” says Sylvie Houde.”

Narconon has kept many secrets for decades, but recent investigations over many months, have torn away the veil of deception and exposed the insidious cult practices and human rights abuses as intolerable and negligent. Although Narconon promises a 70-90 percent success rate, evidence proves a mere 10-20% success rates at best. Many relapse within days after leaving Narconon – many die. At Narconon Trois-Rivieres, the staff had a stock of heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, pot, methamphetamine and alcohol for the patients to touch and handle at the end of their long program.

It was called a “Reach and With-draw” exercise. The staff would place all the illegal drugs on the table in front of the patient. The staff member commanded the poor soul to reach and pick up the drugs, then was commanded to put it down and with-draw their hand. This would be repeated over and over until the staff decided it was time to stop. Many of the staff were recent graduates from Narconon and were living in an apartment complex nearby.

The majority had relapsed soon after their program and came to work at Narconon dead tired or still high from the group drug parties that raged through the nights. And with illegal drug activity comes more life threatening experiences – GUNS!

On, or about January 1, 2009, a party raged at the Narconon apartment complex, with many partiers consuming cocaine and alcohol. Little did they know that this combination is deadly? Using alcohol and cocaine together can be particularly dangerous as they interact in the body to produce a toxic chemical, cocaethylene. Cocaethylene stays in the body much longer than cocaine or alcohol alone, and this increases the damage that is done to the heart and liver. Laboratory for the Study of Addictions, West Los Angeles Veterans Administration, California 90073, USA., concluded “Use of alcohol and cocaine seemed to increase the likelihood of the cocaine users in our sample engaging in deviant or violent behaviors.” –  Denison ME, Paredes A, Booth JB.

On New Year’s Day, the Narconon staff cocaine and alcohol party left one young man dead from a gun that was passed to him at the party. This young man had gone through the Narconon program more than once and did not receive any medically accepted aftercare – only Scientology rubbish. One might say, as the cult usually does, “Oh that was just an isolated incident and not the usual Narconon style or practice.”

Unfortunately as countless evidence documents and witness statements declare, the deadly activity that was ignored by executives at Narconon Trois-Rivieres is common place in many other Narconons. Although governments around the globe are taking a close look at these Scientology Rehab centers, many more may die if the powers to be don’t act soon to protect their citizens. Exposing the crimes and human rights abuses inside Scientology’s drug rehab networks, and a ‘tell-all’ book by David Love:

“Roller Coaster Out Of Hell” is finished after 4 years compiling evidence documents and working long hours to complete the content.  The Book will fill in and expand on the Human Rights Commission resolution decision and MUCH, MUCH more that has never been posted or discussed with anybody at any time thus far.









David Love Refuses To Be Bought By Narconon

April 8, 2014: David Love refuses to sign Non Disclosure agreement with Narconon Trois-Riveres following a Quebec Human Rights Commission Resolution Decision that found Narconon in violation of numerous human rights violations and abuses at their drug rehab center in Quebec. Narconon threatened the 3 Plaintiffs/Victims with filing Bankruptcy if ALL three did not sign agreement. Quebec Human Rights Commission Resolution Decisions will be released to Media in due course.

Inside Scientology Rehab Narconon

David Love

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8 Responses to Narconon Secrets – Exposing a Cult of human rights abuses

  1. John P. says:

    David, thank you for providing the details of the drug and alcohol-fueled parties of the staff, who are supposed to be positive examples for the poor patients. Also, thank you for revealing the gun-related incident of the former Narconon patient at the staff New Year’s party. That’s an important detail that only adds to the outrage readers should feel about this criminal and immoral organization.

  2. cnhender says:

    Spot on David!! Stellar work as usual my friend. And likewise to John P comment.

    Oh yeah, nice name drop, Gary Smith
    CEO Narconon of Oklahoma Inc.
    DBA Narconon Arrowhead
    DBA Arrowhead Medical Detox (oxymoron)

  3. Judy King says:

    Keep up the good work, David! I’m standing with you and the victim’s families. Been busy writing my legislators, posting your video clips and news clips on Facebook to get the word out.
    I will be at the protest on Aug. 25. Please let me know how I can be of further help in getting Narconon Arrowhead shut down.

  4. Dean Fox says:

    Keep up the good work David. Thank you.

  5. C-'17 says:

    Cocaethylene will more often than not slowly cause liver and heart problem if alcohol and cocain are mixed over prolonged periods or say weekly over time, it is extremely liver toxic witch means the liver cannot digest this substance and since cocaethylene usually keeps the user awake this prevents the liver from entering its important phase of blood cleansing which removes toxins from the blood! During prolonged periods of use and without sleep the liver undeniably a vital organ begins to scar from stress, basically the jobs build up and the liver becomes toxic so when finally it is allowed to become active during sleep it is overworked and swells with fatty deposits and scaring, the heart is stimulated by cocaethylene during sleep with disturbs deep sleep. There is no doubt the liver is a very reliant organ! This allows it to b responsible for alot of toxic work, so takeing damege and recovering is nothing new for the human liver however everything has limits and the damage from alcohol or cocain alone can b taxing but when combine to create cocaethyelene the damage can slowly progress to a very painful slow death. Users be aware after prolonged use witch means once every 2-3 weeks over a 12 hour period continued on and off from age 18-35 carries a Possibly estimated mortality rate of 63% from heart failure before your 65 and 40% of liver scaring/hepatitis and usually server weight loss or severe bloating with the body holding water basically preparing for long periods of drought (survival mode) ur body is the most complex and life sustaining machine on planet earth! Yet with such complexity and reaistance it only seems fair we find ourself a weakness and slowly self induce death! We know how dangerous it is to drink smoke take extasy cocain crack meth and even recently more toxic death sentances are coming to light in the form of the so called “bubble” or mowey, just like were not only seeing the destructiveness from cocaethyelene i cant even imagine wat the likes of brain decayin plant fertiliser is going to do for finely tuned engines! Heres ur chance to avoid a very painful death!
    1, avoid all liver toxic and heart stimulating substances, if this option is not posible comtinue to step 2
    2, pick 1, if ur dead set on poisoning ur body id say id reluctantly agree that alcohol is the safer choice due to the control of manufacturer however if u have excess to pure clean cocaine theres an argument that this will do the trick for a short period with little chance of damage! (Too drunk and need a line?? See step 3)
    Be aware that the moment cocaethylene is created euphoria is extended making u more aware ur not going to sleep till atleast 6am and ur probably going to die b4 ur 60 just because of this 1 night?? Sober up by eating drinking water and just admitting enuff is enuff! Now ur worried about ur heart and liver ur pancreas will probably go b4 both and that is a death the devil created! No man shud die like that so please read this again and have a good think about wer u would like to be in 20-30 years because theyll b here very soon

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