Narconon – $60,000 Twin Cures

Professional Therapist

“Counselling is a profession. It takes five years to become a registered and accredited practitioner with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Counselling isn’t happening just because someone claims they are listening or ‘have got a theory’.”

When one first arrives at a Scientology Rehab center, the patient’s surprise of seeing no doctors or nurses is calmed by “We have dedicated and certified staff that will help you every step to get through your addiction withdrawals – we’ll assist you with your aches and pains.” Many new-bees to Narconon fear the dreaded struggle ahead, but the certified withdrawal specialist reassures by beginning treatment as soon as the patient’s belongings are sowed away in his bedroom.

Addiction Cycle

The treatment begins with Scientology Light Objectives, the specialist having the patient look around the room and find objects of various colours. Then onto a message table where they’re asked to feel the therapist’s finger as it touches different parts of the body, with a response of “Yes” – – meaning “yes I feel your finger.”

Keeping staff to a bare minimum, the Narconon program uses patients to help each other progress through the gradient steps of Scientology Training Routines and Auditing Sessions. This is called “Twinning” and each patient has the same “Twin” for the entire 3-6 month duration. Therapy in withdrawal using this method begins with each Twin sitting on chairs facing each other. First, they must sit frozen still, looking at each other with eyes closed for 5 minutes – then with eyes open. This continues over a few days until a goal of 15 minutes is attained, then out of withdrawal and over to the main program where the Training Routines (TR’s), time duration is extended up to 2 hours.


Not only are most of the so called certified staff not qualified (only certified at Narconon after short course), but these ill patients have no idea what they are doing, except being used to help someone else get through treatment as best they can.

Each of these victims of exploitation, have paid $30,000 each – a total of $60,000 and receive no qualified or professional treatment whatsoever. A designer scam of the century, may describe this incomprehensible pseudoscientific addiction treatment.

Professor STEPHEN A. KENT, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, University of Alberta, Canada published the following:

Professor Steven Kent

Allegations Concerning Practicing Medicine Without a License

 “Reacting to an emerging pattern of arrests, Hubbard (in December, 1953) incorporated three religious organisations in New Jersey: the Church of American Science, The Church of Scientology, and The Church of Spiritual Engineering (Aberree, 1954a: 1). A publication by an independent Scientologist at the time reported that officials of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists stated that there is little doubt but what this stroke will remove Scientology from then, a target area of overt and covert attacks by the medical profession, who see their pills, scalpels, and appendix-studded incomes threatened” (Aberree, 1954a: 4).”

When an addiction treatment center assures a patient that they will be cured or feel better by consuming enormous amounts of vitamins and other cult concoctions, in essence, this is practicing medicine without a license. As with a licensed physician, these Narconon specialists are assessing, diagnosing, prescribing, and administering medical treatments that they’ve informed the patient will work without reservation.

Health Fraud

And with the TR’s and Auditing sessions, the patients are taught and trained to treat each other in therapies. When one closely examines the absurdness of this con to extort and manipulate millions into Scientology coffers, it boggles the mind why governments permit this ongoing scam.

As one recent Narconon staff member said to media, “We’re dealing with people’s lives!”

David Edgar Love

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One Response to Narconon – $60,000 Twin Cures

  1. lizabeth says:

    Loved ones, please do not let your family be confused with real treatment. Stay as far away from Narconon as possible. These cult sponsored center’s are very dangerous.

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