Scientology “Dead Agent” Attacks

April 10, 2012 – Scientology is on the attack again to “Dead Agent” those who speak out against this convicted criminal organization. In a desperate move this week, Narconon Trois-Rivieres Director of Legal Affairs, Andre Ahern, launched a malicious attack on two Narconon victims in Quebec, Canada. Numerous press releases were posted on the internet in a feeble attempt to discredit those interviewed on CBC TV National News April 2, 2012.

Dead Agent means to spread malicious lies and rumors about Scientology critics or organization, in an attempt  to so thoroughly discredit them that everyone concerned will be  disgusted with them, and not listen to the information they have  to give about the cult.

Government investigators and lawyers were contacted early this morning to halt attacks by Andre Ahern et al, by way of Court Restraining Order. Press Release – April 13, 2012 – Following a two year battle to have the Scientology Rehab Center, Narconon Trois-Rivieres, shut down for serious Human Rights abuses against dozens of patients, one victim was surprised by the lies published online by Andre Ahern on several websites. Out of desperation, Andre attacks by stating,  “He changed his mind, apparently, after he began receiving payments from members of the Anonymous criminal network, dozens of whom have been arrested around the world recently.”

Ahern then published confidential patient information to Dead Agent the victims. The Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Human Rights Commission investigators have now received a formal complaint asking for a Restraining Order against Narconon and to have all of the press releases removed from websites.

Apparently Scientology fears Anonymous more than any other organization. According to the Anonymous Why We Protest website;

“Anonymous originally chose Scientology as a campaign target because of the events surrounding the now infamous Tom Cruise Scientology video. While the video itself was not enough to spark interest, the untamed aggression of the Church of Scientology to remove it did.”

“Since our campaign began, Anonymous, along with numerous former Scientologists, has uncovered or brought into the public eye hundreds of illegal actions, fraudulent activities, and human rights violations perpetrated by the Church of Scientology.”

Scientology continues to harass and intimidate those who exercise their rights of free speech, with past examples being vicious and criminal.

Operation Freakout, was a Church of Scientology covert plan intended to have the US author and journalist Paulette Cooper imprisoned or committed to a mental institution.

The Church of Scientology filed at least 19 lawsuits against Cooper throughout the 1970s and 1980s, which Cooper considered part of “a typical Scientology dirty-tricks campaign” and which Cooper’s attorney Michael Flynn said was motivated by L. Ron Hubbard’s declaration that the purpose of a lawsuit was to “harass and discourage”.

On July 8, 1977, however, the FBI raided Scientology offices in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., seizing over 48,000 documents. They revealed the extent to which the Church had committed “criminal campaigns of vilification, burglaries and thefts.

Although in the end nobody was brought to justice for the harassment of Cooper, the wider campaign of criminal activity was successfully prosecuted by the United States Government. Mary Sue Hubbard, Jane Kember, Henning Heldt, Morris Budlong, Duke Snider, Dick Weigand, Greg Willardson, Mitchell Hermann and Cindy Raymond were indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of theft, burglary, conspiracy, and other crimes.

In Canada, Scientology is a convicted organization and if recent events of Dead Agenting are an example of their battle plan, 2012 could indeed promise to be an interesting year. Several Narconon Trois-Rivieres victims have filed formal complaints in Canada against the Scientology Rehab center, Narconon Trois-Rivieres with the Human Rights Commission and Ministry of Health and Social Services.

David Edgar Love

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7 Responses to Scientology “Dead Agent” Attacks

  1. “Scientology is quite likely the most ruthless, the most classically terroristic, the most litigious and the most lucrative cult the country has ever seen. No cult extracts more money from its members.”

  2. Lord Xenu says:

    Congratulations David. Goood Work !!!!!!!!!! Narconon shut down. I only hope that the same thing will happen here in the US.

  3. colon issues says:

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  4. Grateful One says:

    Thank you. Sincerely.
    I am one of too many faceless, nameless ‘students’ who went to seek help from narconon after over a decade of being on methadone maintenance treatment.
    I nearly died at facility. To this day, I count my blessings as I know that others in my situation were not taken to hospital as I finally was.
    I am thankful that my heart stopped in the ICU and not at the facility. I am fairly certain I’d not be living if I’d been left there only a few moments longer.
    As an addict, I was discredited and disbelieved from the jump.
    I feel there is no way to express my gratitude to you. Only my prayers for your health and continued safe passage from forces evil beyond anything I could have imagined, remain with you as you give voice to so many who do not have the luxury of being heard.
    Thank You, David Edgar Love. May Peace be with You!

  5. quirkygal says:

    Typical Scienologist BS, I think it just makes thenm look even more stupid and desparate when they do stuff like this. Great job David Love!!!!

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  7. source says:

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