Narconon “Say No to Drugs”

(Part One)

Perhaps one of the most dangerous practices at Narconon Trois-Rivieres, is their Say No To Drugs campaign instituted by the Church of Scientology. No other part of the Narconon program leads to suicidal attempts and deaths as this campaign of “Say No To Drugs”.

A close second is the Narconon Sauna program, also known as the Purification Rundown, “Clear Mind Clean Body”, causing severe harm, especially to those who have compromised livers due to drug addiction and alcoholism. However, aside from the ones who are taken to hospital emergency while in the sauna, harm to internal organs may not manifest for months or even years down the road – – with liver failure comes a painful death.

According to the British Liver Trust (BLT), liver disease is now the fifth largest cause of death in the UK, after heart disease, cancer, stroke and respiratory disease. The report says that liver disease kills more people than diabetes and road deaths combined.

Chronic liver diseases such as cirrhosis and fibrosis are the result of continuous long-term liver damage. They may be the final stage of alcoholic liver disease but there are other causes, such as when a virus damages the liver. Fibrosis describes scarring of the liver, and cirrhosis describes scarring and the formation in the liver of hard irregular bumps called nodules. These conditions stop the liver from functioning properly. The damage is irreversible.

Viral liver disease, hepatitis literally means “liver inflammation”. This can have several causes, including viruses (most commonly the hepatitis viruses but there are others), alcohol or drugs (both prescription drugs and illegal). The term “viral liver disease” refers to the forms of liver inflammation following viral infection, which can range from acute hepatitis or chronic hepatitis, fibrosis and cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

Many patients, who endure the Narconon program, ingesting dangerous, toxic amounts of Niacin, as prescribed by unqualified Narconon staff who assess, diagnose and treat patients, have detrimental effects on patients, both immediate and eventually terminal.

I will cover the Narconon “Say No To Drugs” campaign in part two.

David Edgar Love

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