Scientology’s Kool-Aid Deaths

Rape of the Mind

 “It is unlikely to see Scientology invoke a Jonestown scenario – – however, is the psychological rape and destruction of a once healthy mind, perhaps all the more devastating and torturous?”

 In November 1978, the unimaginable deaths of 913 cult followers lay dead from suicide in a remote South American jungle. Cult leader Jim Jones, filled with fear and paranoia, could not fathom losing his mind-captured victims of abuses and mind control. The People’s Temple leader Jim Jones, travelled his clan through a familiar gradient process – – all the while leading them into his trust snare, until his darker, evil mind, manifested into hell.

A mirror to Scientology doctrine, Jones indoctrinated the “group mentality”, and his flock abided by his lead and commands.

There are countless atrocities similar to the Jonestown deaths, including but not limited to, Order of The Solar Temple, Heaven’s Gate – – all senseless and insidious.

Is the cult of Scientology any less guilty when hundreds of their followers have needlessly committed suicide – – many while still members and in their hideous care and control? After careful examination of documented facts, perhaps guilty is most appropriate.

Psychological abuses, causing harm, chaos and death to victims, have an evil history in the cult behaviour and practices of Scientology. Once having brilliant and secure minds and living in peace, these vulnerable and exploited victims have been dragged through control gradients until psychologically twisted and destroyed.

Not only in the corrupted realm of the corporate church of Scientology, but also in their controversial front groups, does the same indoctrination and abuses destroy once healthy, individual thinking.

On Rick Ross’s website, there is a Report of the APA Task Force on Deceptive and Indirect Techniques of Persuasion and Control. It states in part:

In recent years, cultic groups in the areas of religion, politics, and psychotherapy have generated considerable public criticism as a result of the harmful consequences of the techniques such groups use to recruit, persuade, and control their members. Many of these techniques are highly, though often subtly, manipulative and deceptive. The casualties of the non-discriminating and unethical use of such techniques frequently wind up in the clinical or counseling psychologist’s office.

The American Psychological Association has long involved itself with the ethical aspects of psychological techniques and practices, e.g., the APA’s Task Force on Behavior Modification. Deceptive and indirect techniques of persuasion and control, however, have not been adequately examined; nor have the ethical principles pertinent to their application been well defined.

In Canada, the Montreal and Quebec City Scientology organizations, as well as their rehab center, Narconon Trois-Rivieres, have had their share of controversy and media investigations recently. Government investigations are ongoing into the mind control techniques and exploitation, including coercion and extortive practices upon the blind followers.

It is unlikely to see Scientology invoke a Jonestown scenario – – however, is the psychological rape and destruction of a once healthy mind, perhaps all the more devastating and torturous?

David Edgar Love

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