Examiner David Love in Burning Building

“January 11, 2012 – Firemen, Police, and Paramedics rush to apartment complex as fire rages on third floor”


Montreal Personal Safety Examiner, David Edgar Love, was startled to hear fire alarms ringing on the third floor of his apartment complex this morning as he was focussed on preparing crucial documents for a government meeting later this month. The Scientology and Narconon controversy and government investigations have exposed public health and safety issues for the past two years in Canada and Montreal. Government Hearings are pending.

There are numerous outdated apartment buildings in the area that were constructed without the public safety benefits of modern sprinkler systems. This, most probably contributed to the fire not being contained as in newer constructed dwellings of this type.

The writer lives on the third floor where the fire was only three apartments away – – the smoke filled hallway prevented many from escaping to safety. Firemen were wearing oxygen masks as they pounded on each apartment door searching for smoke inhalation victims. The video and photos adjoining this story shows a hobbling lady, having to be picked up and carried to the awaiting ambulance and others could be heard yelling for help.

After prying open the ice-frozen balcony door, the writer, David Love, counted seven fire trucks, two with ladders up to balconies at each end of the complex.

Seventy to eighty firemen, police, and paramedics were on the scene to rescue victims and secure the area. What some may have seen as chaos, was in fact quite well performed and safety well delivered by all.

The writer was able to secure documents and gather computer hard drives; ready for an emergency exit if necessary.

What began as a relaxed morning, drinking coffee and loving his work of writing to help provide good health and safety for Montreal and area citizens, the writer experienced mixed emotions, but steadfastly invoked pre-arranged plans for such an emergency.

Besides a slight cough from smoke inhalation, all is well and the building repairs and cleanup will begin forthwith.

David Edgar Love

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