Narconon Smoke and Mirrors

  While working today on a complaint submission to Revenue Canada and the Canada Justice Department concerning Narconon’s charitable tax status and the COS property tax exemptions, the art of deception and fraud up and down the Com chain is obvious. The Canadian tax payer is forking out tons of money to make up for the lucrative business ventures of scientology-narconon, who at present, enjoy Revenue Canada and Provincial tax relief. Clearly, Narconon is NOT a charity operating as “not-for-profit” and the dox, evidence, and testimony will undoubtably prove this in due course.

At a time when our health care system is strained and City infrastructures are in dire need, organizations who do not meet charitable criteria will be scrutinized and any who do not meet the policies as governed by Revenue Canada, could be axed very soon.

Narconon is BIG BUSINESS and does not help our communities in any way whatsoever; on the contrary, does far more harm than good.

Once the Governments in Canada sort out the smoke and mirrors deception that is robbing tax payers of millions, charitable status for some may be short lived indeed.

Heading back to the Montreal battle trenches today, well rested and ready to “Rock Some COS Stable Datum” upon my arrival. Drafting
new documents and preparing for the ultimate New Year in Expose and Justice.

Can Narconon in Canada survive 2012? Anonymous will not stop, give up, nor go away. Pressure on Scientology is increasing by the day and hour and taking a toll on staff and finances. Public opinion is that of disgust against the Cult’s abusive behaviour. We do not forget. Expect Us.

David Edgar Love

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