If We Don’t Care, Who Will?

A personal story……

Does time really heal or is it what you do with the time that heals? Many distraught souls have wearied many years of turmoil and pain only to have them resurface many months or years later.

I met with two prominent physicians recently; one in British Columbia, another in Montreal. Both are well known for their expertise in trauma and cult experiences. These visits were thought inspiring and directed me to proceed with some important appointments and projects.

A visit to Toronto last month was an experience I will cherish. I met with a young man whose father had disconnected from him two years earlier. Indeed a sad encounter, however it did show me new truths about the harms of scientology.

The next day, I met with a dear lady who had lost her sister only months earlier. I knew her sister very well and she was a dear and cherished friend who I and many others will miss. I listened for several hours, holding back tears.

I asked one physician if the pain of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD) ever goes away. Decades earlier this same physician was over in the Vietnam War and when he returned, he also suffered from PTSD from the horrible experiences and memories. He assured me that although we never forget traumatic events, time does heal to the extent that the memories still present, are without the severe pain as they were near the time of the experience.

Last week I received a text message after my visit to Toronto. It said, “After we met, it took its’ toll on me. It hurt and I knew it would happen. I miss her so much.”

Empathy plays such an important part in many lives. It’s the capacity to share feelings that are being experienced by another and having experienced the same, it does hurt for both the teller and listener. I believe someone may need to have a certain amount of empathy before they are able to feel compassion.

Feeling the pain of others is something I would not avoid; perhaps this ability is a blessing.

David Edgar Love

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