Dante’s Eighth Circle: Why Narconon Must Be Stopped

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Dedicated to all who suffered injustice, to the many that have lost loved ones, and to those who had the courage to speak out and tell the truth about Scientology and Narconon.

This book chronicles David Love’s own journey, which culminated in his unwavering commitment to expose the exploitations of a powerful cult, despite the lengths his opponent was willing to go, in order to silence him. Emotionally vulnerable and physically depleted, Love fell onto a realm where fraudulent abuses are heaped upon the weak, quack medicine destroys people’s lives, and Scientology hides behind the scenes pulling strings to maximize its profits.

Dante’s 14th century poem, The Devine Comedy, begins with a journey through “The Inferno,” or the nine circles of Hell, with the Eighth Circle representing FRAUD. Inside Scientology’s Narconon were insidious abuses that were the embodiment of such fraud, and even treachery, as to equalDante’s Eighth Circle. This book will touch on the “Fourth Circle – Greed” and the “Ninth Circle Treachery” – the latter being betrayal of special relationships and disconnection/shunning.

Of course, Scientology vehemently denies their organization has a “disconnection” policy and that members are free to have relationships with anyone they please. The fact is, that families once together as one, are forced through Hubbard’s [and now David Miscavige’s] evil ‘disconnection’ policy to shun each other when one is deemed to be a ‘suppressive person‘. In the Sea Org, children seldom see their parents. Welcome to church folks, this is an organization of human rights abuses that have continued on far too long . . . under the guise and protection of being a so-called Religion.

Book Excerpts – Paraphrased:

Chapter 11, “Hacking into Souls” details the evil brainwashing and mind control inside Narconon. The executives and staff appeared paranoid much worse than some students (patients), with security guards walking around with walkie-talkies, student control staff counting the students every 15-20 minutes, and the feared Ethics Officers patrolling the military-like compound.

L. Ron Hubbard Jr. once stated about Scientology: “It makes Dr. Fu Manchu look like a kindergarten student. It is the ultimate vampirism, the ultimate mind fuck. Instead of going for blood, you’re going for their soul. But, of course, it takes a couple of hundred hours of auditing and mega thousands of dollars for the privilege of having your head turned into a glass Humpty Dumpty -shattered into a million pieces.”

‘Dante’s Eighth Circle’ represents the fraudulent seducers and liars of two-headed hypocrites. Scientology’s leader,David Miscavige, their dirty tricks ‘Office of Special Affairs‘ and the Narconon hierarchy -all work in concert in an evil attempt to control people by deception.

Many allege that David Miscavige appears to be a callous dictator, having a disregard for human rights, human dignity, and compassion for humanity as a whole. Who would, or could, allow their own father to die of what seemed like a heart attack without care? Who could send their own wife away for several years? Who could send top Scientology executives to Scientology’s private prison -the RPF and allegedly beat these same staff members? Perhaps, there may be a special place in hell for David Miscavige – similar to Dante’s ninth circle, a place called ‘Caina’ where souls who were traitors to their family are doomed. These souls are buried in ice which goes up to their faces.

Some say David Miscavige is nothing more than a coward that uses his minion spokespersons to issue written statements to the media, name calling critics as bigots, and being guilty of hate crimes and discrimination.

When examining cult leaders, the narcissist does not respect the boundaries and privacy of his reluctant adherents. He ignores their wishes and treats them as objects or instruments of gratification. He seeks to control all situations and people compulsively. He often lies to support unfounded claims like “we’re expanding more than ever” and “serving more people today” claims.

This sounds more like David Miscavige is the ‘monster’ Suppressive Person – appearing to have a fixation that survival itself depends on “keeping others down” or “keeping people ignorant.” It’s quite evident that many of Miscavige’s actions end in catastrophe and mayhem, resulting in bad PR and ridicule.

David Miscavige may rule with a tiny fist, but his control over Scientology members and their front groups like Narconon, are under his direction and spell. When you look at the dictator of a cult group, look at how the organization operates and the signature of fraud and deception attached to it. Even though the organizational directives may be hidden from sight, the organization will always bear the type of “fruit” dictated by any cult leader, such as Miscavige.

Indeed, Scientology is a Goliath of untold wealth, and they do have a right to believe what they want. But, as Senator Nicholas Xenophon stated, “There are limits on how you can behave. It’s called the law, and no one is above it.”

Dante’s Eighth Circle will be published Sept. 11, 2015 and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and several other Partner locations outside North America in Russia, Brazil, Germany, South Korea, Poland, and other countries on or about Sept. 23, 2015.

Front Cover Photo Credit: Carole Raddato, Frankfurt, Germany.

Entrance to the Cave of the Sibyl, Cumae. (File from Wikimedia Commons, via file upload bot, Magnus Manske.)

Cover Design Collaboration: Gary Lee-Nova (Canadian Artist) with Anonymous friends at WWP and ESMB.

Editors: Cheryl E. Dickens-Harlow, with friends at Why We Protest

Typesetting: Typeset in Linux Libertine by a friend at WWP, using a MiKTEX distribution of LATEX.

The following video was produced back on May 12, 2012, titled: “Inside Scientology Rehab Narconon” … with a new video being produced this week, updating the fraud, exploitation, abuses and mind control inside Narconon. Link to hundreds of evidence documents are in the process of being uploaded to the smartpeopletoday.net website. A few hundred pages have already been posted with countless more being scanned for uploading.

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This story is posted here from ‘The Underground Bunker‘  with expressed permission from American journalist and blogger, Mr. Tony Ortega. He is currently executive editor of The Raw Story.

London-based Silvertail Books is to publish The Unbreakable Miss Lovely by Tony Ortega, the story of the life of author Paulette Cooper, the most famous victim of the Church of Scientology’s notorious and ruthless ‘Fair Game’ retaliation schemes – a book to be published very soon.


By Tony Ortega –


Catapulting from the success of Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton, who spent the past year filing 27 lawsuits against Scientology’s drug rehab network Narconon, three attorneys who have watched Hamilton closely have filed a new class-action lawsuit against two Narconon corporations in California with two initial plaintiffs.

Indiana attorney David Miller, California attorney Michael Ram, and Seattle attorney Beth Terrell filed their suit in federal court in Northern California, and have asked for both national and regional classes to be certified as their clients sue for breach of contract, negligent representation, false advertising, and unfair competition.

In other words, they’re hoping to add potentially many more plaintiffs around the United States who believe they have been harmed by what the suit characterizes as Narconon’s deceptive business practices.

If you’ve observed Hamilton’s lawsuits evolve since we began watching them, you may have some sense of the way he found evidence to show that Narconon centers claim to be secular and offer individualized drug training. But when patients pay the approximately $30,000 to enter the program, they soon find that the Narconon program contains no drug counseling at all, but instead is the same Scientology training that beginning church members go through.

You’ll see the same evidence that Hamilton unearthed referred to in this new lawsuit, and it’s laser focused on that essential bait and switch. (Other lawsuits have made allegations about rampant drug use by Narconon staffs, and allegations of drugs traded for sex, and also harm caused by the program’s focus on lengthy sauna use. But here, the suit is about the essential deception about what Narconon offers.)

Plaintiff Nathan Burgoon is from California, and he spent time last fall at a Narconon in Watsonville, Narconon Redwood Cliffs (pictured), which is owned by Narconon Northern California (NNC). According to the complaint…

Mr. Burgoon opted to terminate his “treatment” after complying with NNC’s direction that he spend six to eight hours a day for twenty straight days in a hot sauna, in accordance with the Narconon Program. NNC did not, and has not, refunded Mr. Burgoon any of the $37,500 he paid. Had Mr. Burgoon been informed that “treatment” at NNC consisted of the study of Scientology and participation in Scientology rituals, he would not have enrolled in a Narconon Program…

The other plaintiff, Caleb Landers, is from Pennsylvania, and he went to a Narconon center in Warner Springs, in San Diego County, which is owned by Narconon Fresh Start (NFS). After his parents had paid an initial $10,000 for him to start the program…

It became apparent to Mr. Landers that NFS had strong ties to Scientology and the Narconon Program was a tool to promote its teachings. Mr. Landers observed that all of the text books used by NFS were written by L. Ron Hubbard. Furthermore, Mr. Landers was regularly forced to perform Scientology rituals that were often mischaracterized as drills, exercises and/or counselling sessions. Mr. Landers advised his parents of his experiences at NFS and with their consent decided to leave the NFS Warner Springs Facility. Mr. Landers’ parents also placed a stop payment request on a personal check written to NFS for $21,000.00.

We spoke with David Miller, and he says that there has been a lull in new lawsuits recently as attorneys around the country were waiting to see what would happen with Hamilton’s request to consolidate Narconon lawsuits so that they would be heard out of a single courtroom. But the US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation denied that request, and so now attorneys suing Narconon are ramping back up. Miller says this new lawsuit is just the first of several more that are coming.

And he points out that because some of the first lawsuits that Hamilton began filing more than a year ago have survived attempts by Narconon to have them dismissed, those lawsuits are now moving into discovery phase. Hamilton will have the opportunity to begin deposing Narconon and Scientology officials, which will be testimony that other teams suing the rehab system can use.

In each of the dozens of lawsuits filed in recent years, the defendants tend to be a local rehab center, but also two Scientology umbrella groups: the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE), and an entity it oversees, Narconon International (NI). NI in turn licenses Narconon’s program to the invidual rehab centers.

We pointed out to Miller that the presidents of both ABLE and NI have been disappeared by Scientology. Would he and Hamilton be asking Scientology to produce them for deposition?

We’ll be fascinated to find out what happens if ABLE is asked to produce Rena Weinberg, who vanished from ABLE in 2007 and was subsequently seen to be in the church’s infamous prison for executives, “The Hole,” and Narconon International is asked to produce Clark Carr, who suddenly abandoned his offices in January. And if they do show up, we expect they’ll have some interesting stories to tell.

Here’s the complaint LINK Published by Tony Ortega.

Tony Ortega on Scientology being called a cult

Published on Apr 1, 2015

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Proof Narconon is 100% Scientology doctrines and practices


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There is very strong evidence that Narconon is in fact inseparable from Scientology – equal in all aspects, administered and directed by Scientology. When one examines the facts in detail, it becomes apparent that the church of Scientology and Narconon itself is, in effect, virtually undiluted Scientology. The connections fall into three distinct categories.

Narconon ‘students’ are classed as ‘preclears’ – as defined in Scientology as someone who is receiving Scientology or Dianetics auditing and on their way to becoming Clear. All Narconon students have PC (preclear) folders examined by a ‘Case Supervisor’. Students are cult indoctrinated by Scientology Training Routines (TRs) and auditing sessions, including the infamous, ‘Objectives Sessions’ that applies standard technology of Dianetics and Scientology to preclears to help them locate areas of spiritual distress, find out things about themselves and improve their condition.

A Scientologist moves up The Bridge to Total Freedom, or simply “The Bridge”, to a state of Clear when they have freed themselves from their “reactive mind“. The Bridge is broken down into two parallel paths, Training and Processing. Processing addresses the Scientology devotee’s “case” or how they function in life as influenced by their “aberrations” – as in drug addiction.





nn sea org

mark pThe following leaked email EXCERPT clearly indicates the relationship between Scientology and Narconon. “Dear Sylvain,” (ED of Narconon) – “My recommendation to you – based on my 25-year experience in public affairs including holding the post of DSA in the province of Quebec for over 20 years – was that NN need to first and right away – asap – establish the extent and nature of the threat or risk so that you would know asap what Narconon is facing or dealing with, and thus be in a position to then correctly estimate the situation and the extent and nature of the handling needed to properly handle the situation!” Email from Jean Larivière, director of Public Affairs, Scientology.

Narconon Trois-Rivieres spokesman and Director of Legal Affairs, Andre Ahern, is quoted to CBC NEWS that, “He said he is a Scientologist and that Narconon uses the teachings of Scientology in its program. However, he said, that is simply because they are extremely effective.”

Narconon Trois-Rivieres Director says there is a Disconnection Policy

Marc Bernard, director of Narconon Trois-Rivieres on July 13, 2010, gave a newspaper interview to Le Nouvelliste in Trois-Rivieres. In this interview, Marc Bernard states that there is a “Disconnection Policy” at Narconon.

“We have a qualifications department that offers a self-correction system for our employees and it always aims to help a person improve. We all have moments of oppression in our life and we can be distracted by oppression. This is when negative things happen to us and this is why the method encourages “disconnection”. This is what is taught in the writings that we work with. But never did we prevent him from communicating outside, that’s ridiculous,” exclaims Marc Bernard, who has never hidden the fact that the writings of L. Ron Hubbard inspire the method used by Narconon but without in any way turning Narconon into a religious recruitment centre.”

As evidence documents prove, Narconon is nothing more than a recruitment center for the Church of Scientology, to expand its cult practices into the secular community using Scientology coercion and exploitation of vulnerable and very ill patients. Aftercare of patients is all but non-existent.

What these next quotations imply is that the Narconon program does NOT erase the harmful effects of drugs, nor does it free a patient from the compulsion or need to take drugs:

In Scientology’s own words about the “NED Drug Rundown” say: “On this rundown, the harmful effects of drugs are erased and a person is freed from the compulsion or need to take drugs. This service handles drugs and the real reason a person started taking them in the first place.”

“Addressing drugs with NED technology removes the barriers that prevent progress up THE BRIDGE levels. It is a vital step on your NED program.”

This following image shows a $20,000.00 donation to the Montreal Church of Scientology from Narconon Trois-Rivieres. And also, upon close examination, two Executives from Narconon Trois-Rivieres, BERNARD, MARC & PELAND, CAROLE (Married Couple), donated $5,500.00.

nn tr donations2

OSA – Sea Org CONTROL & COMMAND over Narconon

Executive Director, Marc Bernard, was removed by Aline Proulx, Executive of Narconon Canada, who was posted as the ESTO Officer by Narconon International and the Church of Scientology.


1. the purpose of Establishment Officers is to establish and maintain the establishment of the org and each division therein.

The term Esto is used for abbreviation. (HCO PL 7 Mar 72)

2. the Establishment Officer is the person who keeps it established and makes sure that it produces and that the programs come out straight and that those targets and quotas are met. (ESTO 10, 7203CO5 SO II)

3. an Esto is supposed to hat somebody and get him producing what he should be producing on that post. First there’s an instant hat and get him producing on the post. Then we mini hat him and get him producing on the post. Then we full hat him and get him producing on the post. (ESTO 10, 7203CO5 SO 11)

4. their duties consist of org boarding, training, hatting, apprenticing, pouring in personnel, lines, spaces and materiel and equipment of the Division -Bureau. (OODs 4 Mar 72)

5. this person operates in a division, not under its secretary but under a senior Establishment Officer. He performs the duties of the Departments of HCO for that division. In a small org it requires a trained Establishment Officer for Divisions 7, 1 and 2 and another for Divisions 3, 4, 5 and 6. In a larger org there is one in charge of all Establishment Officers and an Establishment Officer in each division. As the org grows, the larger divisions get Assistant Establishment Officers to the divisional one. They do not establish and run away. They establish and maintain the division staff, personnel hats, posts, lines, materiel and supplies. Their first job is to get staff working at their posts producing something and their next task is to drive dev-t out of existence in that org. (HCO PL 29 Feb 72, Correct Comm)

6. the first Establishment Officer Course was developed on Flag in October 1971. This was the Tech Establishment Officer Course (TEO). There are now Establishment Courses for each division of the org. An Establishment Officer is a specialist in the operation of a particular division, who also needs to be trained in the skills of establishing, which includes: getting production of valuable final products, recruiting staff , posting the org board of the division, getting personnel to study, hatting, training divisional staff , getting volume, quality and viability of production increased, establishing the lines of the division. (HCO PL 5 Feb 72 III)

7. one who establishes a division. Junior to the Establishment Officer I/C but in the division under its secretary, the Establishment Officer puts in the divisional personnel, lines, materiel and trains, hats and maintains and expands the established division to the benefit of the org and its staff. (LRH ED 168R INT)
8. now I’ve used Establishing and Establishment Officer interchangeably. It’s a descriptive term. The actual term is Establishment Officer. His duties are establishing. (ESTO 2, 7203COl SO 11)

9. a leading Establishment Officer’s Department is a Departmental Establishment Officer who has Section Estos under him due to the numerousness of the section. An Establishment Officer’s Section is an Establishment Officer of a section where there is a Departmental and Divisional Esto. (HCO PL 7 Mar 72)
10. an ESTO is a third dynamic auditor who deaberrates a group by cleanly organizing it so it can produce. (FSO 529) Abbr. Esto, ESTO.

(Definition of ORG used in the aforesaid: “Scientology Organization)”
(Each Scientology Church is called an “ORG”)

Each Scientology ORG has an ORG Board, which lists all the employee postings and command chain in each division. Narconon Trois-Rivieres had a huge ORG Board in the Staff Academy – – and smaller ORG Boards elsewhere.)


During the Narconon Program, a Scientologist obtained a video from the Montreal Church of Scientology that depicted Drug Companies as evil and promoted not taking prescribed drugs that help many cope and function in society. Scientology-Narconon are vehemently against and speak loudly to Narconon patients and society in general about “Say No To Drugs.” Many of the public believe this to mean illegal drugs, but in reality, they are teaching and promoting their own Scientology Religious Doctrines not to use mental health prescribed drugs. This is a known fact and I have documents to prove this.
This lengthy video was set up in the Narconon Trois-Rivieres dining room area on the approximate 52 inch Television for all to watch. This same Scientologist gave Scientology Dianetics books to patients to read; including myself.


“26 March 2008
From: President CCHR Quebec City

Funds needed for the venue and promotion for the CCHR Travelling Exhibit.

Situation –

We’ll have the CCHR travelling exhibit from April 25th to May 4 th.

The venue is located in a very upstats area of Quebec City, the Old Port, right in the exhibition section of the Cruise Terminal, aside the St-Lawrence River and a block away from the Museum of Civilisation. From this area we also have a superb view of the Chateau Frontenac, one of the oldest and most beautiful building of North America.
The surface of the venue is 3500 square feet. Photos are joined to this csw.

The travelling exhibit is key to counter one of the worse attack of psychiatry on this planet: the Neurocity project which aims at creating in Quebec City a huge Research/Pharmaceutical complex whose stated goal is to accomplish advanced research in the brain and the genes in order to provide specific treatments (drugs) to people that have genetic probability to have a “mental disease” or becoming “criminal” in their life.”


Narconon Trois-Rivières: Disturbing testimony of former employees:

“Some of these cases weren’t admissible to the program because it requires cutting off their medication. But the administration chose to keep them anyway. There were several instances of attempted suicide during the past few months. By law, immediate medical assistance should have been provided, but management decided to keep these persons without calling for an ambulance,” says the former employee. – The situation had become dangerous,” said Mr. Bérard. “We’re playing with people’s lives,” adds Julie Ann Pagé.”

The public, health agencies, governments, and police forces, must understand that Narconon IS 100% Scientology and follows ALL Scientology Religious Doctrines and therapies to the letter. It is a “High Crime” in Scientology/Narconon, to alter their Technology (Tech). Professor Steven Kent from the University of Alberta is an Expert Witness in Scientology-Narconon and he recently gave a deposition under oath in a Narconon Law Suit. He is quoted as, “After examining all of the Narconon Program Books, I found nothing that was not 100% Scientology.”

A Scientologist or a ‘Preclear’ at Narconon can have trouble making spiritual progress in his auditing or training routines (TR’s), if he is connected to someone who is suppressive or who is antagonistic to Scientology or its tenets.

Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard described twelve characteristics by which these evil Suppressives could be identified. If a Scientologist gets sick, or has accidents, or is moody, they are told that they are connected to a suppressive person or influence, and they are instructed to find that source of suppression. Often, it turns out to be a parent, a spouse, a child, a boss, or a social contact. There are specific methods for dealing with the suppressive, from handling them, to ending up disconnecting from them.

USA – IRS – Government Proof Narconon IS Scientology Entity

In 1993, the Church of Scientology International (CSI) and the United States Internal Revenue Service struck an agreement, under which the Church gained tax exemption for itself and its subsidiaries and in return paid $12.5 million dollars to cover the church’s payroll, income and estate-tax bills for an undisclosed number of years prior to 1993, as well as discontinuing numerous lawsuits. The terms of the agreement did not become public until four years later, when they were leaked to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the Form 1023 Statement which CSI had to submit to the IRS prior to the agreement, Narconon forms part of CSI’s “social betterment program.”
When the agreement itself was drafted, CSI accepted responsibility for Narconon’s tax status; the IRS and CSI defined it in the closing agreement as one of a number of “Scientology-related entities.”

The social benefit and other public benefit entities discussed at pages 1-28 through 1-42 of the June [1992] submission [by CSI] along with all subsidiaries, subordinate chapters, subordinate organizations, or sub-licensees thereof (e.g., organizations that are permitted to use particular names, copyrights, service marks, and/or technologies) are Scientology-related entities. Thus, for example, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, National Commission on Law Enforcement and Social Justice, Scientology Defense Fund Trust, Association for the Better Living and Education, Applied Scholastics Incorporated, Narconon International, The Way to Happiness Foundation, and the Foundation for Religious Freedom are Scientology-related entities.

[“Closing agreement on final determination covering specific matters”, U.S. Internal Revenue Service, 1 October 1993]

Shortly afterwards, CSI published a “Tax Compliance Manual” issued to Scientology missions and churches across the United States to instruct Scientologists on the requirements of the agreement with the IRS. It includes a passage on Narconon and the other “social betterment” organisations:

The SCIENTOLOGY charitable and educational institutions that the Internal Revenue Service has recognized as tax-exempt include Association for Better Living and Education, Narconon and Applied Scholastics and all Narconon centers and qualified schools that operate under the authority of Narconon and Applied Scholastics, The Way to Happiness Foundation, as well as the newly formed Hubbard College of Administration and its subordinate colleges. Narconon, Applied Scholastics and Hubbard College of Administration each have the authority to extend tax-exempt status to newly formed subordinate organizations.

[Tax Compliance Manual, Church of Scientology International, 1993]

No detail was left out from being addressed to the Certification Committee.


Most of the aforementioned facts were taken from the first 45 pages of a 205 page submission to the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services – Certification Committee. We could go on and on and on, posting documents and sworn testimony that without a doubt, Narconon is 100% Scientology – a scary thought to some, especially to those who escaped Narconon alive. Many suffer from the cult indoctrination, mind control, and brain-washing – some suffering from ‘Complex PTSD’ (CPTSD).

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Scientology “We’re playing for blood, the stake is EARTH”

– Heart of Darkness – The Handling and Death of Kyle Brennan

kyle cult3

In Memory of KYLE BRENNAN (Killed by Scientology in 2007)

From numerous websites, “The Truth for Kyle Brennan” – volumes of information is available that clearly indicates a botched police investigation and cover-up concerning the suspicious death of Kyle Brennan who died from a single shot to the head from his father’s .357 Magnum pistol.

Although Kyle’s death occurred back on Feb. 16, 2007, the media and Anonymous continue to dig and press on for details – with little or no cooperation from the Clearwater Police department. Many say that the death of Kyle Brennan is highly suspect of being a homicide covered up to look like suicide.

“One expert who examined the forensic reports independently has declared that it would have been impossible for Kyle to have committed suicide and not left fingerprints on the weapon or the notes in his pockets. Another expert has pointed out that the nature of the head wound and trajectory of the bullet are indicative not of suicide but of homicide.”

So, what really happened while Kyle was at his father’s apartment in Clearwater, Florida – Scientology’s mecca empire center? Will the truth eventually be discovered and those responsible be prosecuted for obstruction of justice and perhaps even murder? If Kyle Brennan did not commit suicide, as many claim, why would Scientology have him killed – if this is the cases?

One of the major, sacred tenets of Scientology is that psychiatry and psychiatric medications are evil. They are forbidden. Scientology’s hatred of psychiatry is extreme and vicious. Kyle Brennan’s psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen McNamara, diagnosed him with mild depression and social anxiety, a condition not uncommon among college students. McNamara prescribed for Kyle the anti-depressant Lexapro.

kyle cult5

As a practicing Scientologist, Kyle’s father, Tom Brennan, could not have a relationship with his son if Kyle was violating Scientology’s anti-psychiatry tenet. So, when Kyle arrived in Clearwater to visit his father on February 8, 2007, Brennan was faced with a troubling situation—he had an SP staying in his apartment. Brennan no doubt immediately reported his dilemma to his Scientology superiors, including, of course, his Scientology “auditor” (or spiritual advisor), Denise Miscavige Gentile—twin sister of the organization’s controversial leader, David Miscavige.

Tom Brennan was ordered to “handle” his son – a well-known Scientology term that means taking care of a situation and removing the trouble source, his own son, Kyle. Being an “Enemy” in the eyes and tenants of Scientology, and according to L. Ron Hubbard, Kyle, “May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to, or destroyed.”

Tom Brennan and David Miscavige’s twin sister, Denise Miscavige, attempted to handle Kyle again during his last days in Clearwater on his second visit in February 2007 where he met his death. Kyle refused to take vitamins which his father bought and which are Scientology’s replacement for antidepressants and other drugs. Denise spoke to Victoria Britton on the phone to persuade her to send Kyle to Scientology’s drug rehabilitation front group Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma where Denise had sent her drug-addicted daughter. Victoria was outraged.

Kyle successfully resisted the attempts to handle him, and Tom Brennan had little alternative but to lock Kyle’s medication in the trunk of his car a few days before Kyle was killed. With time being of the essence, Tom Brennan had to complete the handling Scientology demanded before Kyle left to return home.

So many unanswered questions remain, like, “Why was the GSR (gunshot residue) swabs taken from Kyle Brennan, in evidence, never processed? The gun’s owner and first person on the scene, Tom Brennan, were not subjected to any GSR swabbing for potential evidence of wrongdoing. Why?”

“The Church of Scientology falsely claims that Victoria Britton has repeatedly stated that her son Kyle was murdered. Not only is this untrue, but it was the defendants themselves who first mentioned in documents that homicide was possibly the cause of Kyle’s death. In the Answer and Affirmative Defenses of Defendant Thomas Brennan it states: “Kyle Brennan’s death was either a suicide or homicide constituting an intervening act.”

Is “the public supposed to consider it comprehensive and thorough police work when a responding officer interviews the most important person at the crime scene for only 20 minutes, never returns to the crime scene, simply hands over his report to the detective taking over the investigation—a detective who, it must be said, never visits the crime scene— and then destroys the notes of that first important interview?”

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Narconon Secrets – Exposing a Cult of human rights abuses



“Scientology is Religion Like Mafia is Insurance” and their Cult of Narconon drug rehabs are worse than many think — dangerous and deadly above what most could ever imagine.

The Quebec Human Right Commission verdict, first reported by Tony Ortega against Narconon Trois-Rivieres, was unanimously resolved and passed by the members of the Complaints committee at its 654th sitting held on January 16, 2014 as Resolution CP-654.

Montreal reporter, CATHERINE SOLYOM, THE GAZETTE APRIL 15, 2014, interviewed David Love after refusing to accept Narconon’s cash offer that included a ‘Non-Disclosure’ – GAG ORDER that would prevent the victims from ever revealing details about the horrific abuses inside Narconon.

Following more than 3 years of investigations, the Human Rights Commission found Narconon Trois-Rivieres had violated numerous human rights, submitting patients to humiliating and degrading practices, including “charging considerable sums for a detoxification program that is not scientifically recognized and entails risks for her health and her safety.”

Some were forced to work without compensation, under pretext of disciplinary action for so-called  misdeeds. The Commission found the patient living conditions and food to be poor quality — especially considering the tens of thousands paid for treatment and care. Disturbing, was the Commission’s findings that patients were held against their will, forced confinement, and methods of coercion to manipulate both the patient and family members.

Scientology praises itself to be one of the most ethical groups on the face of the earth – yet the actions of the founder, L. Ron Hubbard, exposes a telling tale of abuse and crimes. The current cult leader, David Miscavige, along with many of his corrupt and immoral followers, lend a clear image of the most unethical and greedy whoremongers ever to exist in recent times.

Up until a few years ago, these unscrupulous mafia-humans, claimed to be the only group on earth that could cure drug addiction, heal the sick, make the blind to see and save mankind from eternal destruction. “Come into to our lair, we have a FREE Stress Test and Personality Test for you”, they say with a fake grin – – the glint of dollar signs in their perverted minds.

The Bridge to total freedom and super-human powers is painted in beautiful, seductive colors of power. The cult declares that clearing the planet of all criminals that prey on the weak and curing all sickness is only a few auditing sessions away. Most are unaware that these promises are like reaching for an invisible rainbow of gold – never quite attainable no matter how much money they extort. Scientology has their glistening tentacles into countless community activities; never mentioning the blackened Scientology word, but using “secular technology” instead.

They have a group called Citizens Commission on Human Rights – a group that attacks psychiatry and other forms of mental health, including pharmaceutical companies and their medicines that help people cope and survive in society. Another giant cash machine for the cult is Narconon – a global network of Scientology Rehab centers, expanding the cult indoctrination into the secular community by preying on desperate and vulnerable addicts and their loved ones. According to government health agencies and expert physicians in the field of drug detoxification, Narconon is not only dangerous, but can be deadly. The three recent deaths at Narconon Arrowhead, under the supervision of CEO Gary Smith, are but a few of the many deaths while in the care of Narconon staff.

nnstafftalkCBC News reported on  April 17, 2012, that regional health agency in Quebec said he had no choice but to shut down a Scientology-based rehab centre in Trois-Rivières. In recent months, he said at least four clients were taken to hospital because of methods used at the centre.

“We’re playing with people’s lives”

“Some of these cases weren’t admissible to the program because it requires cutting off their medication. But the administration chose to keep them anyway. There were several instances of attempted suicide during the past few months. By law, immediate medical assistance should have been provided, but management decided to keep these persons without calling for an ambulance,” says the former employee. Narconon’s finances were so badly managed that Julie Ann Pagé and another co-worker were forced to get rid of the center’s trash because Narconon couldn’t afford to have its garbage bins emptied. Sylvain Bérard also recalls that, in 2009, clients were compelled to eat ground beef for a whole month, even though the clients could spend between $20,000 and $30,000 for their stay.

“We had no right to have a personal opinion. The only thing that mattered was their teaching of Scientology. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you. This was one of their internal rules, but they themselves don’t apply it. They have no respect for us or for the residents,” says Sylvie Houde.”

Narconon has kept many secrets for decades, but recent investigations over many months, have torn away the veil of deception and exposed the insidious cult practices and human rights abuses as intolerable and negligent. Although Narconon promises a 70-90 percent success rate, evidence proves a mere 10-20% success rates at best. Many relapse within days after leaving Narconon – many die. At Narconon Trois-Rivieres, the staff had a stock of heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, pot, methamphetamine and alcohol for the patients to touch and handle at the end of their long program.

It was called a “Reach and With-draw” exercise. The staff would place all the illegal drugs on the table in front of the patient. The staff member commanded the poor soul to reach and pick up the drugs, then was commanded to put it down and with-draw their hand. This would be repeated over and over until the staff decided it was time to stop. Many of the staff were recent graduates from Narconon and were living in an apartment complex nearby.

The majority had relapsed soon after their program and came to work at Narconon dead tired or still high from the group drug parties that raged through the nights. And with illegal drug activity comes more life threatening experiences – GUNS!

On, or about January 1, 2009, a party raged at the Narconon apartment complex, with many partiers consuming cocaine and alcohol. Little did they know that this combination is deadly? Using alcohol and cocaine together can be particularly dangerous as they interact in the body to produce a toxic chemical, cocaethylene. Cocaethylene stays in the body much longer than cocaine or alcohol alone, and this increases the damage that is done to the heart and liver. Laboratory for the Study of Addictions, West Los Angeles Veterans Administration, California 90073, USA., concluded “Use of alcohol and cocaine seemed to increase the likelihood of the cocaine users in our sample engaging in deviant or violent behaviors.” –  Denison ME, Paredes A, Booth JB.

On New Year’s Day, the Narconon staff cocaine and alcohol party left one young man dead from a gun that was passed to him at the party. This young man had gone through the Narconon program more than once and did not receive any medically accepted aftercare – only Scientology rubbish. One might say, as the cult usually does, “Oh that was just an isolated incident and not the usual Narconon style or practice.”

Unfortunately as countless evidence documents and witness statements declare, the deadly activity that was ignored by executives at Narconon Trois-Rivieres is common place in many other Narconons. Although governments around the globe are taking a close look at these Scientology Rehab centers, many more may die if the powers to be don’t act soon to protect their citizens. Exposing the crimes and human rights abuses inside Scientology’s drug rehab networks, and a ‘tell-all’ book by David Love:

“Roller Coaster Out Of Hell” is finished after 4 years compiling evidence documents and working long hours to complete the content.  The Book will fill in and expand on the Human Rights Commission resolution decision and MUCH, MUCH more that has never been posted or discussed with anybody at any time thus far.










David Love Refuses To Be Bought By Narconon

April 8, 2014: David Love refuses to sign Non Disclosure agreement with Narconon Trois-Riveres following a Quebec Human Rights Commission Resolution Decision that found Narconon in violation of numerous human rights violations and abuses at their drug rehab center in Quebec. Narconon threatened the 3 Plaintiffs/Victims with filing Bankruptcy if ALL three did not sign agreement. Quebec Human Rights Commission Resolution Decisions will be released to Media in due course.

Inside Scientology Rehab Narconon


David Love

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Narconon Aftercare Relapses


The fact that a patient is likely to relapse soon after completing the Scientology rehab program called Narconon can perhaps best be described as a “predetermined failure”. Contrary to what Narconon claims, Narconon’s actual success rate is not 70%, an imaginary number that is closer to the relapse rate. Narconon executives and other Scientology staff members know well that most patients will relapse, with many returning several times for a so-called repair and forking out thousands of dollars each time.

Narconon websites and brochures profess that Narconon has qualified professional counselors who tend to the individual needs of each patient, when, in fact, many of these Narconon “counselors” have no training whatsoever, except for the Scientology courses taken at each Narconon and a certificate printed in fancy colors. This alone is what Narconon means by “certified counselor”.

As a Narconon Trois-Rivières patient and staff member, I experienced my private life being stripped away and my dignity reduced to a state of obedience under the control of Scientology gradient indoctrinations. As a staff member, I enrolled in the Scientology-Narconon courses to help suffering patients lead a drug free life — I cared with my entire being.

To become a course room supervisor was an easy task, although extremely boring, and most of the training material made absolutely no sense as far as drug treatment and rehab therapies are concerned. Listening to 12 hours of tape recordings by the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, was a prescription equivalent to a handful of Valium or bottle of barbiturates; my efforts to avoid falling asleep failed me on several occasions.

As a former owner/operator of a rehab facility back in the early 1990’s, I wondered what the hell this absurd course had to do with treating addicts. For twelve days, I listened to Hubbard ramble on about his photography experiences and I had to “word-clear”ridiculous words such as “nomenclature”, “it”, “the”, etc. — having to define with dictionary-like perfection what these words mean. “Oh, this should really help a distraught, suffering addict,” I mused.

I later learned that it was all about being able to control others, as well as obeying the control commands of superiors. A gradient of brainwashing may well be the best way to describe this process.

When patients complete the Narconon program, which consists of studying eight Scientology books with Narconon stamped on them and completing the toxic sauna Purification Rundown, many are more confused and unable to cope than when they first arrived. In this vulnerable state, being recruited onto staff by a keen Scientology staff member is no big chore. “Saving lives” is the motto each morning at the military-style roll-call. Playing God in a science-fiction adventure of deception and abuse may be a fitting way to describe the plot of the Narconon story.

Patients are paired as “twins” to perform all the Scientology training routines and auditing sessions. Patients are yelling at ashtrays: “Ashtray, stand up!” “Sit back down on that chair!” Other patients are commanded: “You, look at that wall.”  “You, touch that wall.”

Some patients can be seen walking back and forth between a table on which lies a book and a windowsill on which stands a green wine bottle. One of the patients commands the other: “You, look at that bottle.”  “You, walk over to that bottle.” “What color is the bottle?”  “What is the temperature?” “What does it weigh?” The patient who receives the commands then turns around, obeying the same commands for the book on the table. This routine can go on for days at a time.

Some patients go into hypnotic-type trances while others have near-psychotic breaks and end up in the Ethics Office for misbehaving. Here they are interrogated and screened for possible connections to a “Suppressive Person” outside Narconon. If the Ethics Officer decides you are connected to a Suppressive Person, you may be advised to disconnect from family and loved ones.

When I moved up the ladder and became the Graduate Officer, the things I saw and read were even more absurd. I took a “Product Clearing Course” and training on the Valuable Final Product (VFP) took a day or so. Thus did I become a Certified Counselor in aftercare and relapse prevention. And, of course, calculating the Narconon success rate was an eye-opener!

Basically, my job consisted of preparing statistics about the patients or “Products” and having the data ready to send up-lines to Scientology every Thursday by 2:00 P.M. sharp. Nothing else seemed to matter except these stats.

If patients I contacted had relapsed, they were not counted as VFP’s; they could not be expected to perform what we needed. I also had to convince the patients who were doing well (VFP’s) to send a new intake patient to Narconon Trois-Rivières. We were to suggest that the successful patient’s life was saved by Narconon and that now this same patient “owed” a debt to help Narconon.

I was instructed to spend less time on the suffering relapsed patients. No stats could be used for them and Narconon did not want too many to come back at one time, because it would not look good.

Discharging graduating patients was an easy task. It took only an hour or so to process them and send them back to the same environment they came from. I knew some that needed a half-way house or a similar step to ensure a safe environment, but my words fell on deaf ears and were met with outlandish comments from my superiors.

When a cry for help arrived in my email inbox, my instructions were to have the relapsed patient read the Narconon books and perhaps do a Scientology “condition formula”. I thought: “They were here for 4 months reading these crazy books and the books did nothing to prevent a relapse. What is a couple more days going to do when they are not even here?” I remember sitting at my office desk in tears, reading their tales of suffering and their cries for help — “Please David, help me.” Mistakenly, I did bring a couple back, and I do regret this.

Once the patient interviews are complete, a graduating patient is driven to the Montreal airport and dropped off to catch a flight. Unfortunately, there is often much time to visit one of the airport bars before the flight, and some lasted only minutes before relapsing!

The Narconon staff, who are also Scientologists, are well aware that the only way for a Narconon patient to remain clean and sober, according to L. Ron Hubbard, is to enroll in the “NED Drug Rundown” offered at the Church of Scientology.

Scientology’s own words about the “NED Drug Rundown” say:On this rundown, the harmful effects of drugs are erased and a person is freed from the compulsion or need to take drugs. This service handles drugs and the real reason a person started taking them in the first place.

“Addressing drugs with NED technology removes the barriers that prevent progress up THE BRIDGE levels. It is a vital step on your NED program.”

What these quotations imply is that the Narconon program does NOT erase the harmful effects of drugs, nor does it free a patient from the compulsion or need to take drugs!

As evidence documents prove, Narconon is nothing more than a recruitment center for the Church of Scientology, to expand its cult practices into the secular community using Scientology coercion and exploitation of vulnerable and very ill patients. Aftercare of patients is all but non-existent.

Patty (Pieniadz) Moher was Executive Director of a state Narconon program and also a Scientologist for 27 yearsShe says:  “Narconon tries to pretend that it is not a Scientology front group, but the links have been exposed many times in the past.  It is just another hoax that the cult uses to make money.”

Participation in an aftercare program often makes the difference between abstinence and relapse. Overcoming months or years of addiction isn’t easy for anyone, especially after Narconon. Going through treatment for an addiction is often a life-saving blessing, but it’s just the first step in an ongoing process toward recovery.

Addicts are never “cured” of their addiction. It is a disease like many others. Addicts learn to understand the basis for their addiction, to see the contributing factors, to cope with and manage cravings and temptations, and to develop more healthy behaviors that will sustain them on their path toward recovery.

A person sometimes just needs a friend or a loved one, someone who understands, and someone who has been through the same type of experience. Whether it’s today, next week or next year, something may happen that rocks the carefully established foundation of sobriety and the person in recovery needs help. Again, help and support —– or an understanding ear to listen — is always available in an appropriate 12-step group. Friends, sponsors and the people the recovering addict meets during these meetings may be the lifeline that keeps them firmly rooted in sobriety — or helps them out during periods of crisis.

David E Love

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Narconon Trois-Rivieres: CBC TV – Expose:


Narconon Scientology Training Routines


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Narconon Intervention Report Documents Released



Following a lengthy formal complaint to Quebec Ministry of Health and a comprehensive investigation, Narconon Trois-Rivieres was forced to STOP promoting their 70% Success Rate.

PDF FILE LINK: intervention









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Narconon Incorporated, Brad Melnychuk claims drug rehab close to 100% Success Rate

Narconon Incorporated, Brad Melnychuk claims drug rehab close to 100% Success Rate.

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Narconon Incorporated, Brad Melnychuk claims drug rehab close to 100% Success Rate

Bradm2Scientologist, Brad Melnychuk from: Narconon Incorporated – AKA – Association for Better Living and Education Canada (ABLE Canada), told the Edmonton Journal in 2006 that the program has verified its results, and he said no attempt is made to use it to recruit new members to Scientology. He said rules are in place to ensure “vulnerable” drug- or alcohol-addicted individuals are not subjected to any pressure from Scientologists working for Narconon. He said only four or five per cent of the addicts who go through Narconon programs become Scientologists.

When one calculates that approximately 1,200 “vulnerable” victims have graduated the Scientology indoctrination program at Narconons in Canada, that SIXTY (60) drug- or alcohol-addicted individuals became Scientologists.


Special Committee on Non-Medical Use of Drugs

bradm5Mr. Brad Melnychuk: You asked if we’d spoken or met with researchers coming up with this information. I personally have not. I also cannot say whether or not any staff from Narconon across the globe—because we have Narconons all over—have done that. I would tend to question it, based on the fact that our Narconons are improving, and some of them are very close to a 100% success rate.

Mr. Réal Ménard: I would be very interested to know more about your program. I noted it has seven stages. I didn’t have time enough to read all your brief. I’m sorry about that. Maybe you can tell us very briefly what makes your program unique and why your success rates are between 80% and 85%.


bradm3Mr. Brad Melnychuk: Yes, I can answer that. What accounts for the high success rate? You could say what’s original about it is simply that an in-depth study was done by L. Ron Hubbard on the mind and on life. He is a founder of a religious organization. However, he also is a brilliant mind on the subject of addiction treatment.

He simply found out why an addict becomes an addict. Then he developed a program, but not even alone. He developed it with another individual who actually was an addict himself in an Arizona state prison, as a matter of fact, back in 1967. Then he evolved further steps following that to handle the exact reasons why a person falls into that trap. That’s all.

Ms. Carole-Marie Allard (Laval East, Lib.): Thank you, Madame Chair.

I have here in research paper prepared by the Library of Parliament and revised in 1999. It says it’s been established for some time that’s there is a psychological link and that there are brain cells which create a need for certain substances. In other words, they’re trying to find a physiological explanation for addiction.

My question concerns the whole problem of dependence. We know that some people become addicted after a single use while others regularly take drugs during their whole life without ever becoming addicted. I think it is largely recognized that about 10% of the population is incapable of eliminating drugs. They will develop dependence after a single use.

My question is addressed to everyone here. In the course of the research you’re presenting today or in any other research, were you ever in contact with scientists who studied addiction? You seem to be interested in the physiological aspects of drug dependence. So I wanted to know whether you had such contacts in your line of work.

bradMr. Brad Melnychuk: “We address both the physical addiction and the psychological addiction, because we know that a body can be physically changed from living off nutrients to living off drugs. That is a fact; there are documents and it does occur. Whether or not it’s because of genes, I don’t know. However, we also know we can reverse that, and do.

That’s all I have to say on it, but I would question the researchers personally and see what they’re studying. That is something I’m now going to actually do.”

Here, let me [David Love] help you out, Brad. The fact that a patient is likely to relapse soon after completing the Scientology rehab program called Narconon can perhaps best be described as a “predetermined failure”. Contrary to what Narconon claims, Narconon’s actual success rate is not 70%, an imaginary number that is closer to the relapse rate.

The Narconon staff, who are also Scientologists, are well aware that the only way for a Narconon patient to remain clean and sober, according to L. Ron Hubbard, is to enroll in the “NED Drug Rundown” offered at the Church of Scientology.

Scientology’s own words about the “NED Drug Rundown” say: “On this rundown, the harmful effects of drugs are erased and a person is freed from the compulsion or need to take drugs. This service handles drugs and the real reason a person started taking them in the first place.”

bradm6“Addressing drugs with NED technology removes the barriers that prevent progress up THE BRIDGE levels. It is a vital step on your NED program.”

What these quotations imply is that the Narconon program does NOT erase the harmful effects of drugs, nor does it free a patient from the compulsion or need to take drugs!

As evidence documents prove, Narconon is nothing more than a recruitment center for the Church of Scientology, to expand its cult practices into the secular community using Scientology coercion and exploitation of vulnerable and very ill patients. Aftercare of patients is all but non-existent.

Brad Melnychuk is a driving force in Canada, working with Scientology entity, ‘Social Betterment Properties International’ to open a new ‘Ideal Narconon’ – and to date has failed to do so. Government agencies and citizens across Canada are well aware of who and what Narconon is, and although David Miscavige might push one to open, staying open for very long will be a challenge designed to fail.

bradm7June 9, 2015, ICI Radio-Canada news reports that: “The Ontario Municipal Board rejects the project of the Church of Scientology detox center in Milton, near Toronto.” This is a ‘Strike Three’ scenario recently for the dangerous Narconons attempting to open around the globe that concerned citizens are not welcoming a cult drug rehab center in their back yard.

In 2013 Narconon had tried unsuccessfully to buy a property north of Toronto to open a new Narconon, but residents launched a mobilization campaign to block the project, stating “No Narconon” in our community. Another person purchased the property leaving Scientology’s ‘Social Betterment Properties International’ out in the cold with no recourse.

NARCONON INCORPORATED – Directors/Trustees and Like Officials




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David Miscavige’s worst nightmare, Narconon fleet is sinking

“We the People” versus “We the Government”

troutrun7Scientologists Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley won’t be touring a new “Ideal Narconon” anytime soon if citizens of Frederick, Maryland, Ontario, Canada, and Australians have their way. The “NarcaCON” – as one reporter pronounced the Narconon name, is  rather fitting when one considers all the lawsuits and human rights abuses and violations.

Unfortunately, in some matters concerning the expansion of Scientology and Narconon, photomany concerned citizens have gotten used to being dictated to by government agents, bureaucrats and alike that we’ve forgotten that WE are supposed to be the ones calling the shots and determining what is just, reasonable and necessary. Sometimes we’re guilty of forgetting that the government was established to serve us as well as obey us.

trout gangHowever, this was not the case with a group of citizens in Frederick, Maryland, who insisted that their city Council Members and government agencies listen to them as “We the People” do NOT want the Scientology Cult of Narconon in our back yard. They formed a Facebook group page, “No Narconon at Trout Run” with 345 members and growing.

TroutrunScientology entity, Social Betterment Properties International (SBPI) bought the Trout Run property for near $5 million dollars, hoping to have the rural property designated as ‘historic’ – allowing a Narconon drug rehab center to open under a ‘Group Home’ designation. Scientology was shot down on June 2, 2015 with a whopping 6 to 1 AGAINST the ‘historic’ designation. The Council Members, after examining reams of documents, and comparing Trout Run to other similar properties, made a firm decision that this property did not fit the ‘historic’ criteria – not being anymore special than numerous other properties similar to Trout Run.

troutrun2Social Betterment Properties International – Lawyer not a “Happy Camper”

When citizens take a stand, based on research, county regulations, drug rehab health policies, and basic principles of protecting the public from harm, mountains can be moved as seen recently in Frederick and elsewhere.

troutrun3Democracy demands that the majority rules and governs when important decisions must be made for the safety of the general public across the United States, and for smaller communities directly affected by proposed changes that could, if implemented, produce unhealthy risk factors that are unacceptable and dangerous.

The New York Times Weighs In

Camp David Neighbors Fight Historic Designation to Keep Out Scientology-Backed Center

“Opponents also say the septic tanks required for a center with at least 30 patients and staff members will pollute the fishing stream. And some say it is odd that a place deemed historically important for the county could be closed to the public.

“They are planning something that is not compatible with the restoration and preservation of Trout Run,” Mr. Hagen said.

troutrun8But the headline-grabbing outrage is about Scientology. At a meeting that attracted about 20 people to a library on May 12, opponents of the Trout Run plan invited a speaker from Canada to describe his experiences with Narconon.”


The Washington Post

Scientology-backed drug rehab triggers a furor near Camp David

When the producers of “The West Wing” needed a Camp David look-alike, they sent President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet to Trout Run, a peaceful array of stone lodges set along a stream near the real Camp David.

Now Narconon, a controversial drug rehab program affiliated with the Church of Scientology, wants to use the Frederick County property to help treat Maryland’s surge of heroin addicts and other drug abusers with saunas, vitamins and the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. A Narconon official defended the program as a fresh start for “tens of thousands” of addicts in the United States and abroad, but the organization has also been sued for alleged fraud and wrongful death.

In a county where political discourse can get a little weird — a council member recently declared that a reporter had no right to print his name in the local newspaper — the debate over Narconon is slipping into the surreal.


April 27, 2015

troutrun9“Social Betterment Properties International, a subsidiary of the Church of Scientology, has purchased part of the property long known as Trout Run for Narconon, also a subsidiary of Scientology. Narconon wants to operate a drug rehabilitation program on this property, even though the property is zoned “Resource Conservation,” where, under normal circumstances, that use is not allowed.

But there’s a little glitch in the zoning regulations, that will allow this use if the property is deemed historic and placed on the Frederick County Register of Historic Places. (This glitch should be seriously examined after the dust settles from this issue.) So, Narconon has applied for this designation and has passed the first hurdles. The Frederick County Historic Preservation Commission unanimously agreed that, to some degree, the property meets at least some of the county’s criteria to be placed on the short list of registered properties.

Now it’s up to the county council to make the final decision about placing the property on the register…or not.”

TV News 4 NBC Washington

Frederick County Votes Against Church of Scientology Drug Rehab Facility

By Mark Segraves – Jun 2, 2015

“The Frederick County Council voted 6-1 against allowing the Church of Scientology to open a drug rehab facility. News 4’s Mark Segraves reports.”

Reporter calls Narconon a NarcaCON … a humerous, but perhaps a fitting Name …

Photos Provided by Frederick Citizepress3nstroutrun11





Left by himself holding his …. Ummm … “Cup in his hand … ”




Frederick Citizens Celebrating WIN Vote Against a Narconon in Their City


Scientology’s David Miscavige, insulted by ‘No Narconon in Frederick’ vote

Legal | Media Release – Wire Service (06/05/2015)

“This could turn into another Vietnam for the cult if Miscavige chooses to fight in court. I think a lawsuit would come across as vindictive and frivolous, so would create “bad PR’ as Hubbard put it. Even if 2 ‘members’ caved in, a revote would still maintain the status quo and the Miscavige REIT would have a piece of property they could only sell,” stated an Anonymous source on WWP to Cult Examiner, David Love. Earlier, this same source that has diligently been ‘following’ Scientology for decades, said, “In the years I have observed Scientology, I have never seen the cult so agitated.”


For over 3,000 Videos with information about the human rights abuses and deaths inside Scientology’s drug rehab centers, visit the YouTube website HERE.

Why We Protest has over 30,ooo Posts about Narconon Linked HERE.






Ex Scientologist Message Board – Narconon & Other Front Groups Exposed Link HERE:


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David E Love’s letter to Scientology IAS members to watch HBO ‘Going Clear’



Dear Scientology and IAS Members, (emailed from: davidloveconsultant@yahoo.ca)

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“L. Ron Hubbard wrote: “A man is as alive as he can communicate.” And communication is a facet of life which he explored very deeply indeed, ultimately writing hundreds of thousands of words on this vital subject. Communication skills are essential in any sphere of human interaction. In fact, when all is said and done, on whatever level, communication is the sole activity all people share.

The benefits of effective communication are too numerous to list, for they enhance all aspects of life from the personal to the professional. The ability to communicate is vital to the success of any endeavor.”

I and many others, hope you will set aside two hours of your time this evening, starting at 8:00 PM EST to watch the HBO Documentary, ‘Going Clear’ – taking some notes to discuss at your next 8:45 AM or 12:45 PM Muster.

There is no need to live in fear anymore, you have intrinsic human rights and freedoms to walk out the Org door and never look back – being free to start a new life, new friends, and not be subject to or suppressed by David Miscavige.

For many long decades Scientology and their ruthless doctrines – upheld and followed to the letter from L. Ron Hubbard’s policy and sci-fi like scripture, has “engaged in harassment, torture, torn families apart, forced labour in prison camps,” causing many to flee and seek refuge.

Going Clear details why John Travolta fears leaving Scientology – that his personal life will be exposed, all his problems, worries, bad memories, and sex life being kept in files from Travolta’s countless hours of confessions. Most of these ‘auditing sessions’ (confessions) are recorded by hidden audio mics and cameras to be used in smear campaigns against anyone who leaves the organization.

Please take the time to Google and learn that Scientology is a dwindling organization with a mere 50,000 members, not the millions that you are told are members in good standing.

I hope and pray that you will watch ‘Going Clear’ this evening and see for yourselves what, in many cases, is being withheld from you – the TRUTH.

Sincerely, with respect,

David E Love

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